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“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Do we really need
help and support
From a friend?

As I already said earlier on, “friendship” is one of those words with a multitude of meanings depending upon who you ask.

To one person a friend is someone you see a movie with once a month, to another it is someone you go shopping with every weekend and yet to another it could mean someone you meet at Starbucks with every morning for that delicious café mocha.

If you asked a hundred people what their “definition of friendship is”, I am guessing you would get quite a few different answers while some of the answers would indeed overlap. Some people are happy with having just one friend where others are more inclined to have many. Much of this depends a lot upon each person's life and how much time they have to devote to true friendship.

For instance for someone who is married with four children all living at home, working full time and taking care of two dogs and a cat, I can pretty much bet they may only really have time for just a very few friendships.

It's really not so much about the quantity of friends one has but upon the quality of those relationships. Would you rather have thirty friends who you don't know very well nor spend much time with, or three that you consider almost like family and are always there to help and support you?

Why do we need help and support from a friend?

There are benefits that come with healthy, quality friendships. One of those is “that kind of help and support” which can come in different ways.

Some show it by attending their friend's sporting events or musical contest their friend is performing in, or sometimes just by being on the other end of the phone and truly listening to everything their friend is saying (and not saying.) Some call this type of support moral support and can help someone to not feel so alone, especially while they are going through rough times.

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Really, do we need help and support from our friends?

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