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He was trying to be my soul than a friend

I am a person going through a broken relation ship with my husband. That was "a love marriage" and now we couldn't go forward with the marriage holding up to a lot of unhappiness between us.

For like 6 months we hadn't communicated with each other and then one day I came to know that he had married another girl. I was deeply depressed and devastated. Though we had lots of issues together "I loved him deeply and sincerely."

My families were against his character and movements in life. For days I couldn't sleep, have food or concentrate in anything. I was worried about my kid. He was 3 years and asked about his dad always. This made me more sad towards my life.

One of my friends in my college days came to know about what I was going through. He was my best friend with whom I shared my happiness and sorrows back in the day. He treated me like a sister and friend. Never approached me for sex in any way.

After our college days we all got busy with our life and so had little time for each other with only rare contacts. But now when he knew about my problems, he used to chat with me often and tried to console me. I opened up my mind with no limits to him. He was very concerned about my life. One day when I cried a lot in front of him, his eyes were wet with tears and asked whether he could help me to relief off my sorrows from life.

I was shocked hearing that he wanted me as his partner for life. I didn't expected this from him but I knew he wanted my life to be safe and secure. We were of same age and I considered him as a friend and as a brother. I was really happy about this that he cared for me very much but I never "thought of him as an husband" till that moment.

I am really blessed by God to gift me such friend who is very precious in my life

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