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He was there when I needed him the most

by Vijaya Raghavan
(Bangalore India)

This is an incident that happened in the year 1992. I was in the office when my eight year old son called me at the office and said, "Daddy, grandpa is behaving in a very funny manner and is holding his chest. He is not able to talk at all."

I was scared beyond words.

At that moment, all I could do was get in touch with my close friend (who also happened to be my colleague) and explain the situation to him. Being my senior and an experienced person, He told me to remain calm. Both of us then rushed home. We could make out that my father had suffered a heart attack.

With my friend’s help, we moved him to the nearest hospital by car. On the way too, my friend kept rubbing my father’s chest, while assuring me to be courageous. At the hospital, he ensured that my father was given immediate attention and necessary treatment. I was so flustered that I could do nothing but sit like a zombie and watch the nurses and doctors running up and down. I adored my dad and shuddered at the thought of losing him.

Thanks to my dear friend, my father was okay in two days and returned home. Though he remained a heart patient and was on medication till the end, he lived for another 14 years after that episode. What would I have done on that day without my bosom friend? A true friend is one who shares your grief more readily than your joys.

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