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he just want to be friends

he just want to be friends

Believe it or not-yes, guys and girls, men and women, really can just be friends. Some people are of the opinion that it's not possible for men and women to be close as friends without wanting each other sexually.

There are those women who believe this because they believe the basic premise that "it's all in our wiring" while on the other hand there are ladies who choose to believe this because they just can't believe that any man could "just be friends" with them. But let's be honest. Both of the above premises are wrong.

Men can adore women without wanting them sexually, just as women can adore men without wanting to sleep with them. But this might be a bad, bad thing, depending upon your circumstances, as a woman. You might be highly interested in and very attracted to a particular man. This might be a man whom you are close to, and you expect the relationship to blossom and become a hot romantic thing. You may even find yourself falling in love.

So, as a woman, it's best for you to not only accept the fact that a man can really and truly just want to be friends, but also to know how to tell when a man whom you're close with is showing the signs of only wanting a friendship.

he just want to be friends

The most difficult thing about acceptance of the above isn't just pride. It's more complex than that. Most true loves start out as friends. So you might be falling for a male friend of yours, thinking that the friendship is inevitably going to lead to romantic love On the other hand...

You might be a woman who's getting worried that a certain male friend of yours is falling in love with you and you don't want to face the need to hurt his feelings. So, we need to look into some signs that indicate that the male friend that you desire, or that you're worried about, really doesn't want to be anything more than friends with you. This is wisdom that can save one or both of you a lot of heartache and a lot of embarrassment.

He prefers to spend his time with his male friends

A man who is very interested in you will always make the time to be with you whenever it's remotely possible. But when he sees you as just one of the guys, he won't make you a priority.

He will spend time with you, sure, but you won't be able to command his time priorities as you would if you were his love interest. He might even ask you out on a date, but not exclusively-it will include "the guys". If he does this, it's probably a sign that he's got no interest in you

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