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Hand Painted Portrait Gift

by Virtu Agarwal
(mumbai, maharashtra, india)

Hand Painted Portrait Gift
A priceless gift for my best friend

A best friend means so much to each one of us, I am sure everyone out here has a best friend and we always try our best to make them happy. A best friend is so precious, we always wait for their birthdays or special occasions in their life, to share with them. Giving them a gift specially on their birthday is really a way to express our feelings towards them. It's such a joy to gift him/her.

A unique gift would be based on your friends interest. Something that would really make your friend smile and happy. It depends on what they like, people usually give clothes, accessories, electronic items, books, home decor...the list is countless. But a best friend needs a best gift. Something that would melt their heart.

A unique gift for my best friend would be a "hand painted portrait gift" framed with my own hands. It will be a memory for the rest of the life. If you are really a professional artist at painting you can make it on your own. It would be more valuable in that case or you can get it done by someone who is an expert.

The photo can either consist of your best friend alone or the two of you. The two of you would be better as it describes a particular moment you both shared. It can be a memorable moment of just the two of you. The frame can be decorated yourself to give it an extra look. It can be colorful to please your friend...but it should be beautifully done to give it an extra look. A large one would really be the best.

This kind of gift is going to be perfect, seeing it would be a pleasure and last as a memory. If it's painted with your own hands it's even more better as your efforts too are going to be valued more. This kind of thing can be hung on the wall if it's large. The best part, it's suitable for a male as well as a female friend. Both the genders would appreciate it unlike gifts which are specific only for either of gender.

People are more into unique gift ideas these days, as everyone wants to please someone dear. although a hand painted portrait gift is not something which can actually be physically used unlike other gifts but it's sure going to make your friendship stronger. The usual everyday items are always gifted sometime or the other but a unique gift should really be priceless. My best friend would love such a thing, even if I’m far away I am sure I am going to be missed a lot.

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