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Great Evening with Great Friends

by Richie

How about a Great Evening with Great Friends!

It is important to make sure that your gift matches up well with your best friend. I thought long and hard about what gift to get him, but there is always something a bit boring about buying something from a shop, and I couldn't think of anything which he would need or want. I have known my best friend pretty much all of my life, so I know what he likes, I wouldnt suggest going the whole hog with this gift idea unless you know them well enough!

"My best friend likes parties and being surrounded with friends,
So I decided to put together a surprise evening for him."

To start off with I had to do the ground work and make sure I invited him for a drink for his birthday in a down market venue where there would be just a 2 other friends. I arranged this with him about a week in advance, and then on the day convinced the other our two friends to call and cancel. Leaving (so he thought) him going to pub for a depressing pint just with me.

Little did he know. Through the beauty of facebook, and a lot of covert ground work, telephone calls and emails, I managed to track down some of the most important people which he had been friends with throughout his life. I then arranged for them to come in at scheduled times into the drinking establishment and act as if they just happened to be in the area and that it was a total coincidence that they had walked into that pub on his Birthday.

Obviously after a few people came in, it slowly dawned on him that something was up! But having all these people from his past showing up around him it was difficult to stop and blame me for my masterful trickery. His reaction was fantastic, from mild surprise to see the first guest amble in as if it was totally normal. To there being a whole party of guests there celebrating his birthday.

Happy Birthday T-shirts

To top it all off I printed up Happy Birthday T-shirts for all the guests with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!" and a picture of him on the shirts, I mailed all these to the guests in advance and when the time came, they all took off their shirts to reveal the tshirts underneath. He was stoked!!

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