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Give up on the cheating man or woman in your life

by Lee

The only part of this I agree with is the following: “A compulsive liar be it a man or woman will lie about anything for any reason even when it is not beneficial to do so. Telling lies is a habit that becomes ingrained and totally natural so it becomes impossible for her to tell the truth about anything.”

All the rest is wishful thinking.

Man or Woman Man or woman, the only thing a cheater ever wants to change is their propensity for being caught.

Take it from somebody who’s lived with a compulsive liar:

If the liar in your life tells you she “has a desire to change” her lying ways, that is yet another lie, and no matter how many times or ways she says it, that’s all it will ever be. It doesn’t matter how kind, honest, respectful, and trusting you are: you will never, ever be repaid in kind.

These people are not behaving badly because of tragic low self-esteem, but its opposite. Nobody treats others with a total lack of respect because they fear those people are better than they are.

1.) They do it because they have contempt for those other people.

2.) They do it because causing other people pain makes them feel powerful.

3.) They do it because they’re horrible human beings, and pitying people for being horrible human beings is, to say the very least, inappropriate. So is getting them professional help. Their problem isn’t a treatable psychological defect, but lack of character.

Give up on the cheating, lying "man or woman" in your life and invest your time, money and effort on helping someone who deserves it and has what it takes to benefit from it: yourself.

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