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Gifting a Collage Book - Unique and Memorable Gift

by Sweetu

Friendship is one of the "sweetest relationship" It is very difficult to find a good friend who can make you realize how wonderful you are in the world rather than how wonderful the world is.

Giving a gift or expressing your love and affection toward your friend in a unique way is good.

Gifts should be selected according to the friends taste and whether he is boy or a girl. All these gift ideas depend on the budget one wants to spend on gifts. If the best friend of yours is known to you for many years then you must have shared some very memorable moments.

The best and unique idea to give a birthday gift to your best friend is to collect all the old memories available in the form of snaps, sweet incidents that both of you have shared and other details in your relationship.

Collect photographs and stick them in a collage book starting from the day you met to the day of their birthday with sweet little anecdotes. This will be a good memorable gift.

If the best friend is a lady than there are lots of gifts that can be given such as perfume, bracelet, earrings, books and makeup kit and if he is boy then one can gift him belt, tie, shirt, designer watches.

I personally love to gift my best friend, a birthday card that is made with handmade paper and I usually write about some secrets in a quizzical form in a paper so that my friend can solve it to know the answers. It is a funny and interesting idea.

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