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Ghost in the house

by Pankaj

We were 10 friends of us on a trip to one of the hill stations in India. Our group was divided into two groups of 4 and 6. I was in the 6 member group and we decided to play a prank with the other group.

The other 4 friends of ours were out for some shopping in the evening. We thought of "the concept of ghosts" like, we will call the ghosts to the room.

So we just managed to arrange some water in the jar and some leaves. As the group came we were ready for our play. As they came in we all sat and started to call the spirits loudly. We all removed our shirts and started to shiver to make the whole show real.

When the other group saw what was happening they started sweating a bit. They were observing us. And suddenly one of us behaved as if a spirit had entered him. He started to answer our questions like when we will get married and making all sort of things.

The other members of the other group then started to ask questions and they revealed all their secrets so as to get to receive their answers.

Once they had asked enough questions to reveal enough of what we wanted to know we told them everything. They all went furious.

Well laughter and humor is very important in everyone life as this article states. It makes us to live longer and indirectly keeps us healthy. We all should create a joke with friends but must not hurt anyone. There must be limits for it. I have played so many pranks with my friends and sometimes they went wrong too. So its my personal experience that always choose a person with a good joke digestion power.

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