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Funny Family Reunion Pool Party

To start with it is one of the coolest family get together that I have ever come across. The family members all got together to make it a grand success. It is a family get together of Eduardo Diaz at "De La Nuez" Miami Florida.

The pool party had its best moments. It started with a small photo session in which every one jelled together. The video shoot made it crazy. The best part is that the children enjoyed the get together very much. Women shared their part well and came along in to the party mood. The part were the video wrapping was done made it much crazier than expected. It showed the mood in the get together meet. It was similar to a snake dance. Where some one was trying to show his body shape.

Others were enjoying the pool and taking pictures that may serve for an entire life time. The all great nanny was acting as care giver, showing she is the senior member of the family. The spirit of the group went higher when a rugby ball was introduced. Every one tried to enjoy the ball game. A perfect 10/10 shake dance made every one lit up.

Next, part was for pool diving session.It created magical moments. The video was perfectly edited showing screen by screen replay's of every moment. Next one was to show talents of every one. The marks were perfectly displayed by so called judging panel. It made it all. Last but, not least it was an amazing High Definition video with perfect music added to it.

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