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Friendship Quotes and Selection of Right Friends

by sivasubramaniam

"it is better to be alone than a bad company"

We always like friends, we used to share everything with them, we enjoy with them and even we often share our secrets. So it is better to select a good friend.

You have to be very careful on choosing the best friend, because, their behaviors, habits will influence you. Among all the friendship quotes i like "it is better to be alone than a bad company". The bad company will change you to impress on the bad characters. If you choose the friend who has the habit of smoking, then soon you will get the same habit. If you have the friends who are positive in nature, then you will turn in to the personality of positive attitude.

A true friend will work with you, he guide you, and motivate you when you feel depressed. The good friend will give you a confidence to complete a difficult task. They never cheat you in any occasions. You have to careful with the friends who are selfish and fraud.

It is also said that:

"my best friend is one brings out the best in me”.

A good friend will observe your characters, habits and qualities. They will also try to being them out. They may both your plus and minus and even though they will still be as your friends. In certain time they try to remove the minus points in you by bringing the plus out. They are the original well wisher for you. So you have to hold them tightly and never let your friends to go out from you. Friendship is the gift of god, so you have to respect it.

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