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Friendship or Social Status

I think that many people develop friendships through sharing common bonds with people they are frequently in contact with. When you are young, you are quite correct, that "stuff" does not matter, its more about the emotions and sharing experiences.

For certain, once you get older you will look at things in a different light. It is hard to make friends as you get older, not that you should have to. In the early years you should have developed friendships that will see you through life.

As you get older you views and opinions change, people prefer to stick and associate with people they already know. Socializing with others is always easy, but do true friendships really develop from this? I truly doubt it.

There are people I would never be associated with nor want as friends due to their social status and their beliefs, the way they conduct their lives and their values.

It is far better to have a few good friends than a lot of half known friends who are not there for you.

As for the social status of my family I could not care less. "They are family and that is that." We don't keep up with the Jones as it is false.

With friends it is always good to see how they are and how they live, and I readily admit that we always compare ourselves to our friends and other people in regards to status. If you don't then you are either a liar or deluded.

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