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Friendship lives

by Sridhar
(New York, United Stated.)

Once in Russia, there were two friends named Rahul and Krishna. From there childhood there were together and had everything together. When ever there had lunch there used to sit together and eat. When there become young there used to sit and booz together.

Rahul and Krishna were in the same regiment in the Russia Soviet Army. They were best friends and spent their evenings boozing together. The partition separated them as Rahul was absorbed in the Soviet Army. To keep his friend's memory alive Krishna always filled two glasses with Whiskey and water and sipped from each alternately!

When somebody asked him why he did so, he explained: 'This glass is Rahul's; this one is mine. So I take a sip from each - one on behalf of Rahul, the other for myself.' It went on like this for years and years. Daily Krishna was having nicely four glass of Whiskey.

Suddenly one evening Krishna was seen with only one glass on his table with sad face. He was asked what had happened to him, did something happened to Rahul. He replied, 'You see, I have given up drinking but Rahul has not. So I have put away my glass and drink only on behalf of my friend.'

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