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Friendship is the light that will guide you through the darkest tunnels

by Francisco
(san antonio tx )

Why does one need friendship? Solitude at times seems like the answer, but in reality at low points in your life, a friend is all you need to get you back on your feet.

My best friend and I have know each other for 16 years.

We meet as children, our parents that worked together in the medical field, are also close friends. We've done stupid things, regretful things, and remorseful actions. At the same time none of those things mattered because we did them together.

April 5th 2006 I found out that my best friend had been suspended. I wondered what the hell had happened? I found out later that day that he had punched a friend in the face for making fun of me behind my back. No his not crazy, but one thing lead to another which lead to a fist fight.

Nick has been there through the good and the bad times.

Another time, was when we were children and the cops went to his house. The funny part in all this was that Nicks parents had a church party going on. We were probably 12 years old and decided that it would be a good idea to through pecans at cars that went by. Turns out that it wasn't a good idea at all. It ended with a cop coming to his house and interrupting the party. The cop had suggested that if we were going to be stupid, to at least not do it at our own house. That caught Nick, his dad, and I off guard. The night ended up with us sitting in the living room playing Halo instead of being outside.

Events like those were very typical ones, we were always getting into trouble and doing things that our guts told us not to do. Whether it was towing Nick on a scooter with a bike; which resulted in a 15ft face plant. Or if it was through rough times with my girlfriend or parents. No matter what the situation was, we always stayed together as friends no matter what happened we seemed to work through things. Although we are completely different people, I hope that Nick and I continue to be this close until the day I die.

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