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Friendship is Like One Soul in Two Bodies

by saurabh

"Friendship is like one soul in two bodies"

I don't know who said that opposites attract, he was definitely wrong. Friends are like minded and that is why they can bond together and enjoy. physically they may be different, but mentally, and emotionally, they share the same thoughts as you.

It's because of the above exact reason why you hang out together with your friends in the first place.

Imagine meeting a stranger and knowing that you have nothing in common, would you wish to interact with that person in the near future? even if so, how would you initiate a conversation?

But now imagine, meeting a person who shares, if not all, then at least some common interests. You can talk about your interests and then develop a deeper meaningful relationship, right?

That is why I sat that friendship is an unseen connection between two people. It's not merely talking or playing together. Its something more than just that.

Good friends are always there to help you, to be around you, support you. They share your joy, your happiness and are there at the time of crisis.

The quote above is one of my most favorite quotes. When I was in class 3rd, my best friend at that time, made me a birthday card and inside it was written the quote "Friendship is like one soul in two bodies." Ever that time, we have remained best friends over the past 15 years now and our friendship just keeps growing day by day.

So why do that quote matter to me. Here is why. The quote is meaningful in itself, as it suggests togetherness and closeness.

One time, me and my friend were in a class and I was the one making noise. The teacher came into the class and asked as to who was creating ruckus (being noisy). Can you believe what happened next? My friend owned up for my mistake (I was the one making all that noise before the teacher came in).

As a matter of fact my friend has helped me on numerous occasions whenever I genuinely need help or when I just mess up things. Whenever I think of my friend, this quote always comes up in my mind, and this is why it's so close to my heart.

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