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Friendship is Above Fortune

by meenakshi sharma

Well in my opinion, you never make friends; you just come across them. When there is an active effort involved in building a relationship, it tends to get shaky at some point in life. And when looking out for a friend, the first thing I want is the liberty to be "just me". So there is no point of considering any kind of condition to make a friend. And given the monetary disparity; that is one of the lousiest reasons to either make or break a friendship.

You could be on any side of the picture - the greener one or the one which is not so green. That should never mind, because nothing is static in this world. It is a constantly changing cosmos. One, who is deprived today, may reach the highs of life tomorrow. Or it could be otherwise also. And when it comes to family, they are the support system. They just walk along you. Be the times of crisis or the moments of glory, they just personify your every achievement. It would be faulty to consider them as a separate entity. Though at times indifferences may arise but that should never permanently mar one’s invaluable ties.

Thinking in terms of fortune, while building relationships, is like going insane. It is always easy to earn materials but hardest to earn hearts. Having good friends and a supporting family is just a basic need of life. And nothing should ever disrupt this bonding.

If ever you come across a person who did made this kind of disparity then my dear friend just understand one thing simply; he was never your friend. May be he was just pretending one to be. And you should also feel lucky that you got rid of these kinds of creatures who we call as fair weather friends. The early you got to know the true character of person, the better it is.

The only thing a friendship demands is the loyalty and the assurance no matter what happens a friend will always stand by you. Anything less, is unacceptable. And if anything more than that is unfair.

All in all, never ever make or break a relation on material grounds. Ans also never feel let down if you don’t have a huge bank balance. Just make one and always remember to rate friendship above fortune.

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