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Friendship Box - The Gift of Your Time

Friendship BoxFriendship Box
The Gift of Your Time

Friendships are a wonderful thing and for most people they provide a form of support, fun, and closeness which few familial relationships can rival.

When considering a birthday present for a friend this one of a kind idea will not only blow them away, but get out the tissues it may bring a true outward expression of happiness - tears. Gift your best friend a friendhip box!

The friendship box can be created using any type of box whether it be an old shoe box, gift box, hat box or even an old box used for package delivery. Other practical options include square or round tins or for an even fancier look one may buy a treasure chest ranging in size from medium to large.

You may chose to decorate this box in anyway you wish. Some great ideas include using your friend's favorite colors or materials such as velvet or glitter. One may add ribbon or shells depending on the style you are seeking to create.

Photos of you and your friend over the years or photos of a place your friend finds especially relaxing and breathtaking will bring a special touch or even a collage of funny cartoons will do the trick.

Now to the content of the box which is the real gift. Inside of the box you can create something which other single gift ideas cannot offer. The finished gift box can be filled with small trinkets which themselves are gifts. These can include concert tickets to a favorite play,concert or even movie, favorite cds, a personalized t shirt or mug, small jewelery such as a charm bracelet or dainty necklace. Other items can be gift certificates for a long overdue manicure or pedicure.

If one wants to go even more sentimental a good idea to include are small tokens or memorabilia of your friendship which will bring back touching memories such as an umbrella from a great vacation in Canaan.

Finally one can include personalized coupons such as a coupon for "one hug", "borrow your favorite sweater." They can even be humorous such "I win this argument" or "I saw him first". In addition one may add activity cards such as "I owe you a cup of coffee" or "one girl's night out". These within themselves are the gift of your time.

Filling this box with these great items will not only surprise your friend but it will leave a lasting impression of a great friend.

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