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 10 Outstanding Characteristics of True Friends

As the years pass by, you will meet many people from all walks of life.

Some you will never see again! While others will become close acquaintances with whom you will build a rapport that will last forever.

Over the years I have observed folks who are true and genuine companions and folks who seem to claim to be acquaintances, but are not. As a consequence, now that I am now getting older and a little bit smarter, I now truly accept as true the old saying that, whosoever cares to, can actually count genuine friends on one hand.

African Safari with my friend, Turned a Nightmare

Once upon a time, Alex wanted to go on an African Safari. He loved to look at the Giraffes, hippopotamus, the mighty lion, buffalos and rhinos. His favorite animal was the cheetah.

Growing up in New York City, Alex had often visited the animals in the zoo. He even volunteered to help clean out the cages during the summer months when he was in school. His parents thought he deserved a trip so they purchased plane tickets for both Alex and his best friend Derek.

They were going to go to Africa to see all the animals. Alex’s parents also set up an arrangement for Alex and Derek to go on a long Safari with a tour guide by the name of Robinson.

The plan was for the two to go on the safari on a Tuesday morning. Finally the Tuesday of the safari finally came and Derek and Alex boarded the jeep to head out to the wilderness to see the animals they both looked forwarded to seeing. Within an hour they stopped to admire the cheetahs from afar. No longer had they stopped before they heard shouting. It was poachers trying to kill the cheetahs. Alex thought it best to intervene and asked them to stop.

The poachers pulled a gun on him and decided they could get more by ransoming him off then they would ever get for the cheetah skins. Derek had managed to hide in the bushes and escaped capture. He knew that Alex was in big trouble as he watched them march Alex to the truck. Derek hatched a plan in order to free his friend. He would open the back gate of the truck right before they drove off allowing Alex to jump off and escape.

In the midst of this whole saga, Robinson had bartered for his freedom and sat in the jeep waiting for the poachers to leave before looking for Derek and returning to town. Robinson was fearful that his lapse in judgment of where to take the men on safari would really hurt his reputation.

Derek watched as the poachers threw their gear in the truck along with Alex, fortunately for him they never cared to tie him up. As the poachers took their seats in the truck Derek knew it was time to jump into action. With the speed and stealth of a ninja, Derek ran and opened the back of the truck and at the same time fired three rounds of shots in to the air.

Caught unaware and without warning, the poachers thinking they were under attack started to shout go, go…go. Alex quickly jumped down as the truck sped off into the African Serengeti.

Derek, Alex and Robinson all left the safari and headed back into town. Alex was so grateful that his friend saved him. Derek, the hero let Alex know that there was no way he would have let him been taken prisoner.

By Joseph, Nikenya


  • 1.) They supports your decisions

A gunuine colleague will support your decisions no matter how far-fetched they think they are and even when they do not agree with you. They will give you their opinion, but they know that your decisions affect your life, not theirs.

The relationship that you have with this person allows you to make your own decisions and know that if those decisions are not the right ones, you will never have to hear ‘I told you so' from them.

  • 2.) Unconditional love

A colleague who has been there through the worst times and the best of times of your life will continue to be there no matter what you are facing. They have seen you when you were at the bottom and when you rise to the top.

They understand when you are not at your best and they will still be there waiting for you to come around because they know that you will. They know that we all have mood swings because they've been there too.

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  • 3.) Listens and truly cares

When you need to rant about something, a friend will listen until you get it off your chest. Venting is refreshing to the soul. It makes you feel better once you get everything out and they stand by and listen until you are finished.

They may offer a suggestion; however they know that you will ultimately work it out on your own. The best thing of all - after the ranting and raving is over - you will feel better because you know you are talking to someone who actually cares about how you feel.

  • 4.) Slow to Judge

Friends do not put you down or tell you that your ideas are stupid. They do not treat you unfairly. Friendship does not include fighting with you or trying to tell you what to do or how to feel. They do not ever hit you in anger or swear at you or abuse you in any way. They do not let anger come between the friendship that you share.

They will not refuse to speak to you or take your calls because of a disagreement. Friends know that it is okay to disagree - that is what makes people interesting. It would be a very boring world if everyone was the same.

  • 5.) Always there for you

Friends are always there even if it is by telephone. If you need them they will be there. They are willing to listen if you are sad or happy or if something is bothering you no matter if it is 3 a.m. They have a shoulder if you need to cry. They have a hug to let you know that everything will work out even when it seems that the worst has happened.

Friends in Times of Disaster, Sorrow and Happiness

Arthur suffered a terrible car accident, which made him paralyzed from the waist down. He was unable to walk, and could barely move his feet. It was a disaster, not only for his family, but for his close friend Josh, who was also his teammate on the high school swimming team.

Josh was visiting him at the hospital every day, and he would stay with him for hours, motivating him to stay positive and believe in rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the discussion would always reach a dramatic point about Arthur’s parents being unable to pay for rehabilitation therapy.

Although Josh was trying hard to make him feel better, the idea that Arthur may not ever going to walk again because his family couldn’t afford to pay for expensive and time-consuming rehabilitation was always floating in the air, creating tension and anxiety.

Josh was the best swimmer in high school. The coach always said that he could have a brilliant sports career if he would continue to train hard and dedicate himself to swimming. It was the end of May, and Josh’s parents enrolled him in a summer swimming program in Australia, where he would train with the best Australian young swimmers, and hopefully, become even better.

Even though the costs were substantial, his parents thought it was a great investment in the future of their boy so they didn’t hesitate with the decision. However, each day Josh was talking less and less about his trip to Australia and his summer swimming program.

His dad knew it was about Arthur and his terrible car accident. Josh would always come home late after prolonged hospital visits, sad and distracted from his swimming plans. It was just another boring and sad day at the hospital with Arthur in bed watching TV and looking through the window. You could tell he wasn’t interested in the movie.

Just then, Josh entered with a huge smile on his face.

Arthur knew that Josh had a great reason to smile because he was going to Australia where he would probably make new friends and have an exciting summer. But he was wrong. The reason why Josh smiled is because he wasn’t going anywhere.

The most exciting thing he could think of was to stay home, help Arthur’s parents pay for rehabilitation and help Arthur with his long sessions of medical therapy. Josh thought that he is a great swimmer anyway, but, before anything else, he intended to be a great friend, which was significantly more challenging than winning a swimming race.


True Friends Understands and Respects Your Strength and Limitations

  • 6.) Enjoy doing things together with you

They enjoy going to the movies, the mall, going for a walk or spending time listening to music. Friends are people that you genuinely like and even if you are just sitting around and talking, you have a good time catching up on things and exchanging stories about things that have happened. You can laugh over the same things and cry over the same movie. The time passes quickly when you are with a friend.

  • 7.) A good friend knows that everyone is different

The world is full of all kinds of people. You may be shy and quiet. You may be the type of person who makes their opinion known no matter what. You may be strict about everything in your life being organized or you may just let things go until you have to arrange them. They do not expect you to be anything other than who you are. They do not try to change you to meet their expectations.

True Friends

  • 8) True Friends Unconditional love

A friend will love you no matter if you live in a mansion or a one bedroom apartment. They do not care if you drive a clunker or the latest model. They will be friends with you regardless of the way you dress, eat or dress.

You may wear jeans all the time or you may wear designer clothing. All of these things are superficial and have nothing to do with who you are as a person.

A true friend knows this and it does not matter to them. In this respect, the material things you own or how well off you are does not matter. They are also not jealous of your lifestyle. Friends can span all economic classes.

If you live across the country from your friend it does not matter. When you are reunited, it is as if you just saw them yesterday. Friendship can survive distance and time.

Even if you have not talked for months, when you call or see each other, the bonds are still there as strong as ever.

  • 9.) Trustworthy

A friend is someone you trust. You can share your secrets and dreams. The things that are discussed stay between the two of you and a friend never betrays your confidence. You never have to worry that anything that you tell a friend will find its way back to you through a third party. They keep your secrets and know that you will do the same for them.

  • 10) Treasures your friendship

When you find someone with all the attributes described above you have found a true friend. Treasure them and remember that friendship works both ways. Try to be the friend to them just in the same way that they are to you.

The number of real friends you have may not be high, but it does not matter. The most important thing that matters most is that you have found true friendship. And not a lot of people have that! So treasure it.

True Friendship Still Exists - True Story

Friendship, it has different definitions for different people. I have my own too. The topic seems a bit cliché to talk about or even discuss, as lots has already been said about it. So I would like to share with you an incident which taught me that big lesson - This happened a long time back in 1999, to be precise.

I had just finished my high school and I joined one of the reputed colleges in my city. I was very excited to be at a new place with an entirely refreshing atmosphere, unlike the one I had experienced so far. And my excitement was beyond expression when I saw one of my childhood friends in my class.

His name was Daniel. When we were kids, his family lived in our neighborhood for a couple of years. Daniel and I became pretty good friends before he moved out of our neighborhood. I was surprised when Daniel recognized me the moment he saw me. We hadn't seen each for many years.

After the class was over, we went to a cafe and talked about the things that had happened in our respective lives ever since we separated. As accommodation at college hostel was not yet confirmed, Daniel invited me to his room. He said I could stay there as long as I wished. I felt very lucky to be friends with him. My family was not rich; many times I struggled to pay my college fees on time.

Besides, I earned significantly less money from my part-time job. Most of the time, I had little or no money in my wallet. I never told Daniel about my problems and struggles, I didn't want to be a burden to him anymore.

That was when one of my college-mates introduced me to gambling. He pretended like he wanted to help me and said that gambling would end all my financial problems. Therefore I resorted to gambling away the little money I had made from working part-time, just hoping to make some good money to ease the financial burden of paying my college fees.

In the beginning, fortune favored me and I earned some pretty easy money. Soon I became addicted to gambling. When Daniel heard about my gambling interests, he tried to persuade me to stop it. He warned me many times not to do it again but I never listened to him.

It was smooth sailing for me until the night I got into trouble. My good luck had vanished and I lost all my money, that I had earned through gambling which amounted to about $20000 in sports gambling. I was left without a single dime in my pocket. I was heartbroken and I felt like a worthless piece of crap. When I told Daniel about my bad luck, he tried to console me.

I was very ashamed about myself.

Had I listened to my friend earlier, I wouldn't have been in that situation. I apologized to him and promised him that I would never gamble in my life. Daniel said that he would pay my college fees till I find a regular source of income. His words taught me that true friendship still exists. The real worth of true friends is known when we fall on bad days. Those who stand by us through thick and thin are our real friends. So Daniel was a friend indeed.

A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed". - T. Risgby

Remarkable Characteristics of True Friends - Watch this Space

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 So What are the Characteristics of True Friends?

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