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Friends Make or Destroy You

by Mohd Zeyaullah Khan

"Friends Make or Destroy You"

Friends are the real treasure in this world, provided they are trustworthy. In this mortal world, where every relations like the one we have with our mother, father, sister and brother are made possible because God predefined that and there is really little we can do to change that.

On the other hand friendship is the only relation, which happens to be a man made concept. Or in other words, friends are made by choice, however, other relations seems to come by choice.

In this world, when every man is different, the most common thing among anyone and everyone is – that everyone has a friend at least, irrespective of the nature, zest and attitude. Thus with so many tags attached to this special relation of man, it comes with many unusual and usual axioms or quotes.

The rich among us for instance then to have have many friends around them, rich people tent to surrounded with good, bad and huge list of friends coming from different shades and domain around the globe. Not so for a poor fellow living somewhere in a distant land far, far away.

Ironically, everything changes with time, so it happens with people who surround us under the category of friendship. We need to be cautious enough to judge between a friend and a foe, the best way to do so is to follow the old quote in friendship - "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Anyone who helps and support you, when you are emotionally wrecked or low, or in a state of loss or grief, is supposedly the person who can be called as your real friend. How to get that, is also a difficult task. Maybe we should seek the help of another phrase, "a friend is mirror to you."

So if you find someone who speaks out of concern and points out your mistake, accept it, and try mending your ways making you a person of conduct and character. So its up to you... you want to make or mar.. is up to you thus it is up to you to choose those friends who can make you rather than destroy you!

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