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Friends Forever

by Sweetu

"Friendship means Fun, Rational, Impartial, Emotional, Never ending, Dependable, Special, Honest, Interesting, Priceless relationship."

It is a great blessing to get a true friend in one’s lifetime. It is very rare to get a true friend in this life full of pain and misery.

A true friend is one who can share your sorrows and double your joy and will always be there with you unselfishly. Friendship is based on"

  1. Confidence,
  2. Devotion,
  3. Loyalty
  4. And spirit of sacrifice.

It is true that life would be difficult to live if one does not have friends.

A true and real friend is one who stands by you and supports you through thick and thin when the entire world is against you. When your likes and dislikes match with your friend and you make friends with him or her without any purpose, then be sure that the strong bond of friendship will last forever. One should always be there by your side in times of need, be able to share secrets and share things with you.

A good friend is one who should not criticize and find his or her friends weakness and faults.

A true friend must sympathize with each others' views, aspirations, aims and quests. It is a boon to have a good and true friend in this world. Friends last long when their nature complements each other and there is mutual understanding between both of them.

A good friend however far he or she may be can always be in constant touch and can sense your feelings. There are times when I feel low and need to share things with my friends. Life becomes happier and easier for me when I have friends on whom I can rely in the hour of need. Making friends is easier but maintaining a good friendship is difficult.

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