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Friends are the most trustworthy treasure

by Mohd Zeyaullah Khan
(Nagpur-India )

Whether you make in friends in real life situations like while you are in school, college or at work or on the virtual online world, same principle come to play when making friends

However, when it comes to making friends on the social network sites, friendship is a bit difficult as compared with the real world.

We all know that there are rules for everything we do in life and so is with the Social networking websites.

The best way of finding friends is reviving your lost list of friends, they can be of your school, college or any place of work where you worked. Grill your memory, try to remember your old friends especially of your school days, find them out over the popular social networking websites, (as almost everyone today has a Facebook or Orkut account). Be friend them, once you are hooked with your former friends, the other way to beat the deception and vulnerability aspect of virtual friend is to try and get friends from the very list of friends (of school) you revived. I believe this is the most easy way to go safe and sound.

Once you are friends, take some time to judge them, interact them, talk to them, take your sweet time to understand them. Stop being personal and maintain limits so that you get away from the threat of being taken for a ride by allowing yourself to share your personal stuffs which you are not suppose to disclose. Make sure you make friends which are easily traceable so that you can easily cross check them in case they bluff or lie. Good luck!

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