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Friends are Like Oxygen, Without 0xygen You Can Not Live

by muhammed yousuf

Friends are Like Oxygen, Without 0xygen You Can Not Live

Good friends only give proper advice at right time. A true friend never creates misunderstanding in our life. Good friends will teach, practice and live to love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason or to care without expectation.

Genuine friendship is at its strongest when friends learn how to trust each other in spite of the doubts that may occasionally be encountered.

I strongly believe that without friends life is a finite enjoyment, no relaxation and pretty much no aspirations for a better future.

A friend is defined a person whom one knows, likes, trusts and get along with. Friends should be given almost the same attention as the kind of attention that we give to one of our family member.

A true friend would do anything to save our life. It's for that reason that I assert that friends are like oxygen and as you very well know without oxygen no one can really be alive.

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