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Friends and Family occupy a special place than wealth and status in my life

by Sweetu

"Does social status of friends and family matters?"

This is a debatable question. Social status never plays an important role but the society in which we live make us realize it.

In our childhood days we are least bothered about who is rich or poor and make friends in spite of wealth, religion and status. Friends and family members occupy a special position in my life. They can never be replaced by money or status.

Friendship is unique with each and every individual as the nature of each individual differs. But as one grows older over the years, they start to understand the meaning of rich and poor and about the status in the society.

In my opinion, friendship should never be based on wealth and status. A friend will always be there for you and vice versa. There should be balance of faith, trust and honesty among us and nothing can break the bond if both of them are deeply involved.

We must be friends with those who make us feel safe, comfortable and happy and also try to bring out the best in us.

Showing off wealth and status does not bother me as long as my friends stick to me. I have also seen my friends who are poor but never bother about the family status or wealth. Friendship is not based on money and status rather it is the love and affection which bring us closer to our friends.

Money can ruin a healthy relationship with friends and family. My viewpoint is that friendship is a treasure which should be nurtured with love and care to blossom and is not withered away by wealth and status of a person.

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