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Friend is the Second Gift From God

It would be very hard to be in the battlefield of life without the bond of friendly hood and circle of friendship. That is why average people make friends going back as early as childhood so as to share each moment whatever good or bad and when problem comes in the way of life.

It is kind of the most beautiful and pure relations that keeps humanity going. Friendship is something that comes from within and it depends on each individual how they fit. It is not a skin deep; it’s something that we can feel.

Remember back to day when we were born, we cried while the whole world rejoiced. In the same way when we lost our closest friend, good friend, true friend we cried and felt badly for losing him/ her.

So, we considered friends are a gift from God because they only see what is good for their friends and true friends do nothing bad to hurt them but will try to help and brings a smile on the friends face. True friends only want the best of things to happen in a relationship. When they see a tear drops lingering in their eye they are there to catch them and make sure that not another drop falls.

Life is more beautiful and full of joy when you have true friends around yourself. They are with us in every part of life. Friends stick with us through thick and thin without any complain and bear what we bear on their shoulders. They bear it all without any hesitation in their minds and Heart.

Therefore, friendship is the beautiful relations in every bond of human relations. Friendship shows that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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