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Forever Friends - Never Let Go

by Sonam

"Friendship is like a sweetener in our lives. It feels wonderful when you have a best friend because they are the people you can depend on completely. You can close your eyes and trust them blindly, share all your secrets with them."

It is very difficult to find a person whom you can call your best friend but when you find such a person then its important to take care that you don't do a single thing to loose them. True friendship bring peace of mind and lots of happiness in our lives.

I am blessed to have such a good friend. Her name is soniya. We are from the same school and we met in the 9th class. Initially I dint like her much. I found her little arrogant and blunt. We used to speak to each other but not much. But that was only until 10th class. We became very close friends in 10th class and started sharing everything with one another and gradually became best of friends and I realized that she has amazing nature and was very honest.

We completed our schools and went in different colleges and had taken different streams. We got busy with our lives and also because we were in different colleges, we dint get enough time to talk to each other. The frequency of calls and meetings went on decreasing. It had been 5 months that we had not spoken to each other. So I thought of calling her one day. In-spite of continuous attempts she did not take my calls. I thought she must be busy that day so I called back after a week and she did not receive my calls.

I was quite worried as for the reason for such a behavior. Through a common friend I came to know that there was a girl of our school who had said some wrong things about me to her. She was a common friend in school and it seems she was quite jealous of our friendship and she went ahead to tell soniya things which I actually never said about her. Then I understood the reason for her behavior and tried calling her several times and even went to her house once but all in vain.

Then a year ago we both happened to meet at a friends birthday party. I was glad to see her and went ahead to speak to her. She also greeted me properly. She told me that she was not in town for past 2 years and I also cleared with her all misunderstandings that was created by another school friend. We were really sorry for not keeping up with our friendship.

Since then there has not been a day that we haven't spoken and shared our lives with each other. I am so glad to get my best friend back in my life and now our friendship is stronger than before.

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