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Follow Your Heart or Follow Your Head?

by KC

In an ideal world, social status would be of little importance and people would concentrate simply on forming close bonds based on compatibility of personalities. However, the reality is that many people have a huge attachment to material things such as money, valuing it above friendship. This is due to the typical societal norms that people grow up in, where if you have money you command instant respect but if you are poor then you are nothing. Is this really such a good mentality to have?

The truth, in my opinion, is quite simple – you take none of your material possessions with you when you die, so to become attached to them is not a good attitude to have. When you have this detached perspective it becomes nonsensical to form an opinion about someone based on what they own since it is all, ultimately, impermanent. People can make or lose great fortunes by seemingly random events and circumstances – why should that alter who they truly are?

I choose not to conform to what society tells me to do and instead choose to follow my heart. I determine my real friends and valued family members by their actions above all else and refuse to allow peer pressure to exert any influence over me.

A great real life example of how a genuine relationship can transcend social status is that told in the movie "The Blind Side". It tells the true story of how Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy (a wealthy couple in Memphis, Tennessee) adopt and raise Michael Oher (a child in foster care). The strong relationship that they form overcomes barriers such as societal norms, race, financial status and lifestyle differences and is a testament to the human spirit being beyond all those things.

We all have the choice of comparing ourselves to everyone around us or deciding that everyone one of us is unique, rendering such comparisons pointless and unnecessary. We can choose to allow others to determine our self-worth or simply know our true worth deep within ourselves. We can choose to follow our head and make rational, materialistic judgments of others or we can follow our heart and see beyond skin-deep.

What do you choose to do? To follow your heart or to follow your head? That you can only decide!

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