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Five Powerful Positive Thinking Strategies That Work

by Joseph

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. By Willie Nelson

You have probably met a person somewhere along your life that had such a positive outlook on life that you wish some of it would rub off on you. Well you can have this same outlook. Positive thinking is a very powerful aid to help you in your life. Your mind, is in charge of your thoughts and can make you to have a sad and gloomy disposition or be happy and upbeat.

Below are a few ways for improving not only your state of mind but your entire life.

1.) Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts

If you start having a thought that is negative, replace it with one that is positive. Think back to the movie of Pollyanna. She was taught the glad by her father. In turn she taught the townspeople to think about what they were glad of. In the end the whole town was happier for this.

Surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude. Participate in events that bring enjoyment to you or mean something special. Make positive memories where you can along the way.

2.) Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it genuine

People do say that simple things can make them happy. Find these kinds of simple joys to have whether they are big or small. They are out there for you to enjoy.

The best medicine is always laughter; this is especially true if you have something weighing on you. Get with your friends and family who make you chuckle, it can be very contagious.

3.) Love your neighbor as you love yourself

Take care your inner being, love who you are, be kind to others, and love the people around you. Say hello to your doorman when you come and go from your building, or give someone a hug that may really need one.

4.) Help a person who is not as well off as you are

Give you time at the local hospital or nursing home. You will receive what you give back ten-fold. Think of how your actions touch others. When you act negative people won't want to be around you. But if you act positive then people will want to surround you and want you to be around them. Pat yourself on the back for any job that you do well! Thinking positive encourages results that are positive.

5.) Start each day with a positive mood

Waking up with a case of the grumps makes for a hard day. This sets the mood for the whole day along with affecting your loved ones too. Have flowers in your rooms, open your drapes and allow the sun to shine in. Light up your house more too if it needs it. Light can directly affect a person's mood.

Altering the way you look at life can make a huge difference. Stay away from thinking negatively, it is better to concentrate on all the positives that your life has. Do not listen to the reports of bad news on TV; turn your thoughts to things of good. This might be trite but take some time to sniff the roses.

Be thankful and count your blessings; and help those less fortunate.
Notice your children smiling faces. There is nothing that can turn the feeling those smiles bring on that would negatively affect you. You need to live life with gusto and relish every enjoyable moment.

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