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 10 Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Retirement

Many people view retirement with trepidation and dread. They start to experience a lot of stress when it comes time for them to retire.

If your time for retirement is approaching, relax!

The good news is that instead of viewing retirement as the end of something it can be seen for what it truly, is a beginning. Finding happiness and fulfilled in your retirement is mission possible. You can be happy and derive much pleasure while in your retirement but it requires you to make the decision to do so - to be happy.

The following 10 tips below could prove useful in helping you find true happiness in your retirement:

10 Ways to - Finding Happiness in Your Retirement

1.) Be open and receptive

As mentioned above retirement is actually a beginning and is merely a new phase of life that you can embrace and enjoy if you are prepared to be open and receptive to it. This is the time when you can pursue dreams that you put off and realize aspirations.

2.) Keep Active

By staying active both mentally and physically you will find that you feel better within and this in itself will make you feel happier. Don't languish your time away. Instead get out, exercise your mind and embrace your life.

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

3.) Have fun

Just because you have retired is no reason for you to be miserable and morose. There is no need to take life too seriously so get out and have fun, laugh and enjoy yourself doing the things you enjoy with people you care about.

4.) Do not be an introvert

This means that you need to be willing to share yourself with those who love you. Find those people you trust in your life and share your feelings and thoughts with them. By involving others in your life you will definitely reap the benefits.

5.) Enjoy stimulating activity

Think of the things that you enjoy doing and determine to devote some time in pursuit of them. If you enjoy spending time with your grandchildren then arrange more time with them.

Organize play dates with them or take them out to enjoy other fun activities. Finding happiness in your retirement calls for you to actively do what you enjoy doing.

6.) Exercise your mind

The mind needs exercise and retirement affords you the time and opportunity to expand your knowledge. Learn something new or learn more about something that interests you. By doing so you expand your horizons and therefore happiness is a given.

Finding Happiness Within Yourself in Your Retirement

7.) Do not forget the little things

Consider doing something special for someone you love and care about. Most likely you will find that it will make you feel great. Send someone a note to tell them how much they mean to you.

Visit with friends or a sickly relative. You might even consider involving yourself in a charity that interests you. Giving always makes the giver feel great.

8.) Realize your dreams

Just because you are retired there is no reason to forget your dreams. If there are any you haven't yet fulfilled consider focusing on doing so now that you have the extra time.

9.) Do not neglect your loved-ones

Make sure that you spend time with those people who love you and care about you. With retirement comes time and you will now have enough of it to be able to arrange get-togethers or lunches so that you can devote more of your time to those whom you care about. Spending quality time with loved-ones will always uplift you.

10.) Stay positive

When it comes to finding happiness in your retirement, there is much to be said for keeping a positive mental attitude. If you languish away in a depressed state you will only end up feeling worse with time. Instead, see your retirement as a golden opportunity to do those things that you never had time for before.

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