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Finding a faithful and truthful man is like finding a needle in a stalk of hay that's spread over 100 acres of land. LOL

by johni

Men can not be faithful or truthful in person, leave aside on their online profiles. Like my title states, it's not that they don't exist, they do, but very rare and if by any chance you believe the man you have next to you is the needle then do prick yourself to be sure that you are not dreaming.

The only issue that envelopes a man's mind is getting a girl for himself and when he gets a girl, then the issue becomes plural and girl changes to girls. So, even if a guy finds a great girl on net, he would still continue looking out for other options and more girls to be added to his list. There goes his faithfulness.

If a man would ever actually tell the truth about himself then I don't really think any sensible girl could fall for that man, and may be that's the reason they start describing some superhero while writing their own online profiles.

It's not like I have not come across some great guys in my life. I do have very close boys as friends and they do not lie on their profiles because they are not creating those profiles to chase woman, but I may not be knowing if they have some personal profiles that they use for this purpose.

I believe that men have their own perspectives about how they should be and believe deep down that even the girls would like them if they are that way and create profiles in accordance. But they just forget that women fall simple things in life. If they find an understanding loving guy who is a good listener, that's more than enough for them. But listening turns out to be such a big job for men that they prefer avoiding the pains of being a good listener.

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