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Financial Help

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Would you help a friend
asking for financial help?

Another useful benefit of having friendship is the capacity of being able to tap into some kind of “financial help” from people who care about you.

Don't you think it's way much better to deal with someone close to you rather than deal with some king of “financial help service “that is only interested in making a killing out of your financial distress.

In our fast-paced worlds in which we live, friendships of varying levels can often take a backseat to all of the many responsibilities we must meet on a day-to-day basis. Some couples tend to focus everything just on one another and forget that one person cannot be another's entire world.

Most people require a variety of friendships to keep them from being stagnant and maybe even at times bored with spending all their free time with just one person only. When someone's world is focused solely around one person, it can put an awful lot of pressure on that other person, as one person can never be nor was meant to be someone's entire world. We all need a variety of different people in our lives that can meet different needs, keep us balanced and help us grow as individuals.

Getting financial help from a friend

One benefit of having friends is for financial help. Although many people have been brought up being taught to never give a friend a loan as they will never see that money again and that getting financial help from a friend is one sure way to ruin a friendship.

Personally, I have loaned some friends money in the past and it was always returned with an exception of just one – my girlfriend! It feels very good to be able to help those in need, especially if they are important people in your life.

I know there are plenty who have horror stories about helping their friends out financially and because of that very bad life lesson, they swear never even of doing it ever again. There are some people who have helped their friends out financially without the thought of it ever being a loan, but rather a gift from the heart when a need was present. I have been on both ends of that (giving and receiving) and it is truly an amazing experience.

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Is it a good idea to help a friend seeking for finincial help from you?

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