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 Outstanding Friends and Family Reunion Party Ideas

A fun yearly tradition is the "family reunion". It is an event that allows everyone to get together for several days, reminisce, chill out, and happily enjoy being with your friends, family and also your community.

If you are a social, you are probably always looking for ways to spend some quality time with your family.

Family Reunion

Best family Reunion Ever

About 10 years ago, we had the best family get-together ever. I was so excited because my grandma was going to be coming to Minnesota so that we could go and visit my family in Chicago.

I had never seen my family in Chicago before and I was so excited. My grandma and my two aunts came to pick me up and we were off on our first family adventure. On the way to Chicago we did a lot of things. We were able to talk about a lot of our family problems, and apart from that we all slept a little. The drive was only eight hours and it seemed to go by relatively fast.

When we finally arrived in Chicago, we stayed at the house of a family friend and we went to sleep, because Saturday was going to be the big day. Before the party we all went to my aunt’s house and all of the old people talked a lot. After that we all got ready to go to the party. My cousin had rented out a huge area for us to have the party. The food was all catered, and they had tons of family games for us to play. By far my favorite part of the party was the family games.

By the end of the games we were all dying laughing. The food that they had catered was barbecue and it was so delicious. I know that I over ate, but I did not care, because I had such a great time with my family. I had never been to a family reunion before, so that was my very first experience and it was great! I had so much fun playing games with my family and above all, I really enjoyed being able to spend time with people that are in the same family as me.

Perhaps you are looking forward to the upcoming family reunion and you just can?t wait to be reunited with your friends and family, or maybe you are developing that jittery feeling that runs down your spine, each time you remember your last disastrous event. Then relax. It's okay. All is going to go well. Trust me.

If you are thinking about the upcoming party or you are planning for your next big event and things are not going on so well we do know that, planning for re-union event has never been that easy. Now, the beauty of it all is that on this page we will present you with choices, options, tips and ideas to get you going. Planning your re-union event can be a lot easier to make it happen. Aright then, now let's look at some of the tips to get you started.

Ideal family reunion locations That are fun and affordable

How about planning for a family reunion picnic

Have you ever planned a family picnic? If not, you might want to give it some thought because it can benefit the family's quality time and there are other benefits to having family picnics.

First, the main benefit of family picnics has to do with location and the many options for the picnic. You can choose from several different locations that are ideal for family picnics. For your family maybe your own backyard is the best locality. You might also want to look at having a family picnic at state parks and local parks, and other such places. As first pointed out, the best thing about family picnics is the quality time you are able to spend with your family.

Just like any other ordinary parent, it is often difficult to find ways to spend quality time with our family. Everyone has busy schedules. That is why it's important to plan for a family picnics that can last just a few hours or all day long, and make it very flexible for other members to leave whenever they are ready.

Family reunion picnics are fairly easy to plan. While it is true that some picnics can be complicated to prepare for, most are easy when you have a small group of your immediate family members. Many times all you need to do is barbecue several different meats, make some sandwiches, and have a few side dishes and you are good to go.

Of course, this all depends on the size of your family and what types of foods they enjoy, but you can plan the picnic, prepare the foods in just a couple of hours. Remember also that change in the scenery may do your family a lot of good, especially when you are planning to hold the family reunion in your own backyard.

Now, moving on to the activities you can plan to participate with each other is a huge benefit of family picnics. If your family picnic is taking place at a local park, you might have access to some hiking trails or water where everyone can swim, boat, or fish.

Even if you are just picnicking in your own backyard, there are several outdoor activities that you can do with your family. To make sure everyone will have fun, consider having some members of your family or close friends participate in planning the family picnic activities. What is so unique about family picnics is you can plan on anytime. With this in mind, it is always best to plan picnics in the summer or spring when it is warmer with more sunshine.

You can plan for family reunion picnic just because you want to spend more family time, or you can plan a picnic to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday party. No matter when or where you decide to have a family picnic, you will find that your family members, including the smaller children will enjoy the quality time you are spending together and it may be the most fun you have had in a long time.

Family reunion vacation ideas, tips and locations

Summer is a time for a family reunion. Getting everyone together in one place is fun. You get to see relatives that you may not have seen for years. This can be easier if you have a plan, allowing you more time to enjoy the reunion. Before going ahead with the plans, make a few phone calls and see if other family members are interested and want to attend. Here are five steps that will make planning your next family reunion easy.

1) Choose the location for the get together

Often people choose a family home or a park. The location should be convenient for as many of the family members as possible. Make sure there are nearby accommodations so that everyone will have a place to stay. Making reservations in advance is a good idea. If they can get the accommodations in the same hotel, this will allow them to spend more time together. Also, many hotels will discount blocks of rooms that are reserved in enough advance.

2) The date will have to be chosen

Make sure that this does not conflict with any events that family members who want to attend have already made. The date should be chosen well in advance. Arrangements often have to be made to take time off from work as well as for traveling. This is one reason summer is usually a good time since children are out of school and vacations are often scheduled to coincide with their break.

3) Send the invitations in advance

They should be sent approximately three months before the family reunion. This will allow everyone plenty of time to plan their travel. This is especially important for those who will be traveling the longest distances.

4) Know who is coming by age and sex

A tally of who will be attending including the ages and sex will help you to plan activities that everyone will enjoy. It also helps to know how many guests will be attending so that arrangements for seating can be made at the location of the event.

5) Plan for the day of the reunion

This will include refreshments - food and drink - and activities are always fun, especially for the children. Getting photos and videos of the family reunion will be a cherished memory for everyone. Sending copies can be done online to reduce expenses. Get email addresses from everyone that has one and they can receive their copies soon after returning home.

The last thing you need to do is enjoy visiting with all the family that is in attendance. This is not included in the plans, but you actually had been planning it all the months that you have waited to get your family together.

Catching up with relatives and introducing new members of the family will make a family reunion event to be a very special occasion that most of the family members will treasure for many years to come. For example:

Family reunions are without a doubt super fun and exciting

Two weeks ago I attended the Blue Family Reunion. It was held at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.

We had about 60 people in attendance from our hometown of Cleveland and multiple surrounding states. I really enjoy meeting up with the relatives that I only get to see once a year. It is amazing to see how much the children grow up each year and to hear about the significant events and achievements of family members. There is always something new to learn.

It is always an engaging social event that is fun for everyone who can participate. On the day of the reunion it was pretty humid. The sun was set high in the sky and beat lasers of sunshine on our backs all throughout the day. It was an excellent afternoon outdoors, and the breeze kept blowing at just the right pace. Those who dared also had the opportunity to go swimming in the creek. We had a delicious barbeque spread complete with multiple side dishes.

For deserts we had some pound cakes, cookies, and ice cream. There were half a dozen coolers filled with popular beverages and water bottles. My favorite part of the family reunion was engaging in the outdoor activities. There was actually a paintball area on the campgrounds.

Although I performed horribly during the tournament, I got a kick out of pummeling my youthful relatives with paintballs, especially the ones that get on my nerves! I decided to take a two mile nature walk with about 20 children and four other adults. We spent a few hours hour hiking and sightseeing in the park. My cousin Jessica, Blake, and Jeremy from California always spend a few hours talking and joking about life with each other. They used to live in Cleveland but it gives me a thrill to have a chance to hang out with them.

Every year we always pass out small gift bags for everyone at the reunion, and this year was no different. Seeing my grandfather and grandmother from Virginia is always a pleasant experience. My grandfather always offers the best advice, and gives all of the grandchildren something to think about. I remember her soft wrinkled lips kissing my forehead and cheeks. I can still smell the faint scent of her unique perfume. She always makes me blush when she praises me, even at 27 years old. I am grateful to be able to see her while we are still here to celebrate her life.

Family reunion are a fundamental part of maintain good relationships with family. I will continue to attend every family reunion that I can in the future to continue to support my family. I appreciate the spectrum of personalities that make it a memorable experience!

family reunion camp-out trip

A perfect was to throw a family reunion is with a camp-out trip. Let's face it, this is a great choice for big families and it is a way to make sure everyone is actually spending quality time today and not catching up on their favorite television show or out shopping. How about you reading about 5 of the best family reunion vacation ideas

In general, a family union requires a lot of planning in advance. Nevertheless, if you want to plan a camping trip, you can expect the details of planning to be broader. You will need to make sure you can find a campground that is large enough that everyone will be comfortable.

It is easier to map the area, which makes it easier when your family members start getting to the campgrounds they will know where they should put up their tents. Each family member should be responsible for setting up his or her own camp area, but then they can have an area that is centrally located for meals or other activities. Don't forget to tell your family members the type of gear for camping they should bring.

It would not hurt to search for family reunion newsletter samples and use them to create some type of newsletter and then send it to all the family members planning to make the trip and give a list of everything they need to bring.

The newsletter also keeps everyone on the same page so that everything runs smooth. You can expect that some of the family members will be more for the camping idea than others. It's always a good idea to have experienced campers helping out the others that are not as comfortable with camping.

Make sure that there is enough food as well as plan ahead for various activities to be done during the family reunion so as to make the trip a success. You do not want breakfast to come and everyone waiting for their meal only to discover that no one brought the eggs.

Therefore, assign responsibilities do that each family group will be responsible for different aspects of the trip. The family will need to work together in order for the camping trip to be a success. Keep in mind that you need to plan for your meals and also for those that will clean up after each meal.

Your camp site should be left in a better condition than when you arrived, so bring plenty of cleaning materials and trash bags. As for activities, these can be separated into a couple of categories, such as small group activities and then larger group activities, which gives you a good mix of both. For instance, have larger group games, scavenger hunts, and obstacle courses.

Next, you can have everyone break into small groups so that you can enjoy camping favorites such as hikes, canoeing, fishing, and watching the animals. Nighttime should be a time when the entire family comes together around a big campfire for a devotional. This should be a time when the seniors in the family tell stories about the family. Of course, when you are camping, you must take time to stargaze, which make for many memories of your family's camping trip.

Family reunion always has lots of memories, but with a camping trip, you are sure to make sure no one forgets their reunion. Camping is useful for building relationships, bringing the family together, and creating unity within the family. When it is your turn to plan your family reunion, make sure you seriously considering camping. You will not be let down with the outcome.

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