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False talking takes relationship away..

by kaushal

The article mentioned above has been totally agreed upon. It has been rightly said “Tit for tat".

If I am liar I have no rights to point out fingers on other liars. I lied to you and you lied to me so matter is equal now. I cheat you and you also cheat me so it balanced now. If you crop plum you will get plum not mango. So unfaithful person is bound to get unfaithful partner.

If a man will start trusting and being honest with women, then there won’t arise question of unfaithfulness. The problem arises when we start the relationship with wrong information sharing. “If base is not strong, building has to fall. The same things happen in case of online chatting and dating.

We talk bigger things but we are small. We present ourselves as heaven but we are a hell. This false talking plays bigger role in breaking up of relationships as well as unfaithfulness in the relationship. False taking gives us short time happiness and long time pains.

The article has rightly said "Honesty is the best policy". If we are honest to our partner, our partner will also be honest to us.” Its like give respect and take respect.” As per the title a false talk is bound to destroy or break a relationship forever’s, we should be committed to our partner in order to avoid such circumstances. We should share the correct personal information if we are sure about the life partner.

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