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Faithful Should not be a One Size Fits All Label

by David
(Weatherford, Texas)

There is no way one could make a blanket statement about men or women being faithful.

From the statistics, it appears that faithfulness is on the decline. But maybe it is something that most couples should not expect. Maybe couples should not set up such standards for their relationship to begin with and if they are honest upfront about not being monogamous, then maybe they could be alright with the decision.

We force everyone to live in the same mold...Monogamy and being faithful to just one person. But maybe it is time this mold was broken. Since most of people don’t seem to live by that way of standards already.

It seems that with men, when using online dating they are not looking far into the future, they are usually just looking for the next conquest and so they lie. Then when this one becomes a serious contender for their heart, they do not know how to undo the lie and so they continue.

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