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Faith is not believing that God can, but that God will!

by aswathy

Faith is not believing that God can, but that God will

Faith is not believing that God can, but that God will

Nobody in this world is perfect. We must follow the concept of ‘give and take respect’ policy. So we should make a good conversation with the person.

During conversation that is done during an online chat, a man or woman may talked about their interests. For example they may talk about the custom of marriage they like. May be both of them like love marriage, or one of them like love marriage and other like arranged marriage, or one of them like casual wear and other like fancy items. So they began to think about the difference in taste about things in them.

In most of the cases it’s difficult to find the two people have same way of thinking. So we should adjust with each others. But you should show your interest only to people who have similar taste and interest.

We all are humans, so there have a limit for adjustment, so if we find people having similar thoughts we can adjust each other and maintain the relationships.

In some of the online profiles, some men write about how they like girls who are open minded and who can adjust with them. When girls see this she thought too much and begin to make a friendship with him. So they begin to talk and share their feelings.

So if you are not satisfied or interested with her thoughts a man should tell her frankly instead of lying. Do not hurt the feelings of others, so you should tell about the things to her as early as possible. As time goes relation goes older and unforgettable, so if you are not interest tell her as early as possible. Then she should be proud that the person is a faithful person.

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