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Equality of the Sexes on the Online Community

by Rosemary

With the emergence of the concept of “equality of the sexes” in the modern society, it is becoming evident that there are more and more women who start to become expressive and open to what they feel even on the online world.

Some women (not all) would even show an inaccurate online posting of their actual relationship status commonly on social networking sites and chat rooms. Most of them would reason out that: “If men can do it, why can’t we?” In terms of quantity, I still find this dishonest behavior more prevalent over men than women.

However, it is still treated as a big deal if it is a woman who commits this flaw since the stereotype for women being known as submissive and emotional has not been fully eliminated at this day and age.

It is a known fact that not all women are truthful online nowadays, particularly regarding their relationship status. Personally speaking, regardless of gender, both sexes are guilty to this dishonest attitude nowadays due to their own personal reasons. Some people do it just to have fun and to at least live in a "make-believe" world where the person would still be entitled to live a happy relationship, at least in the online world. Others do it to find a real-life companion, which oftentimes lead to a troubled relationship with the original partner.

Regardless of the intention, this act of dishonesty results in people with a very awkward and complicated situation in their relationship. To add to that, it could also lead to a very troubled emotional state for the person concerned.

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