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(5.) Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Today

Igniting your entrepreneurial spirit does not mean you have to go and open up some big business somewhere. No, that is not it! Here is what I mean, how about just taking one of your hobbies or something that you are really passionate about and dedicate yourself to turning that into something that makes money for you.

entrepreneurial mind set Thrives on passion

None is a truer "rags to riches" story than that of David Copperfield. The son of poor immigrant parents, his life growing up (in Metuchen, New Jersey) definitely had its share of hardships.

Very much a loner, he spent a lot of time on his own looking for ways to amuse himself. Though David's father noticed early on that no matter how much time his son had on his hands, he was never idle.

A creative and inventive mind kept David perpetually busy. It was around the age of eight that his grandfather taught him his very first magic trick, and from there David was off and running. By the age of 10, he developed quite a fascination for it and had started to really hone his craft. He would constantly try to find little tricks or things he could do with his hands. (Quite shy and awkward, his talent for magic helped him fit more with others as well).

By the age of 12, David started to perform magic at parties for $5 a show. His new gig inspired him to truly make an art form of his craft and perfecting his technique quickly became his ultimate goal. After some time passed making extra money on the party circuit, Copperfield realized he could garner a higher wage if he advertised himself as an "illusionist" (as opposed to a magician).

A huge fan of successful actors like Fred Astaire, David would sneak into Broadway musicals whenever he could to watch the shows from the theater floor (while taking mental notes of the stars showmanship and physical grace). During this time he also started hanging out at one of the country's largest magic stores; Tannin’s in New York City and eventually became the youngest person to be accepted into the Society of American Magicians.

At 16, he was given a job teaching magic at New York University. Though he himself later enrolled at Fordham University to pursue his own education, he ended up dropping out after being offered a role in the 1974 Chicago Musical "The Magic Man" (which he received as a result of self-promoting ad he placed in Variety Magazine). The success of the “musical” let him to be awarded his own television special on ABC a few years later and his career took off from there.

Though he never finished college, Copperfield did study acting at HB Studios and even received an honorary doctorate from Fordham in 1999. Ever the consummate professional, the success of Copperfield's career has been attributed to his hard work and shrewd business sense (he has been known to perform 500 shows in one year).

No doubt, David's early successes provided him the confidence that has fueled his career. However, even more important way his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the passion and the dedication that made him who he is, the 7th highest paid entertainer in the United States and an international celebrity.

By: Charles

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Entrepreneurship Programs for Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many people possess the unfounded belief that successful individuals are somehow better, more gifted, or more talented than their unsuccessful counterparts. This theory is illogical and simply not rooted in truth.

The guidelines that separate the successful from the mediocre are clearer than most would like to imagine. Motivation is a key asset and a prized value of every champion individual. Motivation makes the difference between dreams that come to fruition and those that decompose on the drawing board.

Believing in the possibility of success is the key to truly attaining success through cultivating your entrepreneurial spirit. It is those who believe that they can prevail in life - that do so.

Relying on luck to create success is unnecessary when one uses the basic tools available in his or her repertoire that can guarantee advancement. It is the work that one does loves to do that will make success more attainable. Utilizing one’s natural and cultivated talents is a secret that has been used for ages by individuals ready to may their debut in life. Share your tip about entrepreneurial spirit here.

No matter what industry one decides to partake in, it is important to strive for improvement to become better at it. One must constantly strive to become a better version of themselves rather than focus on competition.

Goal setting is a prime factor in establishing productive direction in life. Without a clear course of action to follow, one will squander time, efforts, and resources unnecessarily. If one’s plan and methods prove to be ineffective, it is up to the individual to try another formula for meeting goals and objectives. This is one of the major factors that separate those who win from those who retreat after one failed round.

Trial and error will help an individual learn what works efficiently for him or her through consistent adjustments Never becoming discouraged at someone else’s negative opinion of one’s vision is crucial if it is to be fulfilled. Negative seeds of thoughts planted by oneself or anyone else are counterproductive.

It takes time, patience and an iron commitment to one’s own plan and efforts to ascend in society. Alternative routes are to be expected while attempting to follow the course to success. It is imperative to consider that an opportunity may come along at any point that brings success to life.

Normal people often get discouraged and quit when their plans are not realized and do not as expected. A successful person always pursues another route instead of surrendering to complications. It is crucial to develop a golden resilience to help bring future dreams of success into present life. It is also crucial to remember that the idea of success is elusive in many respects.

As human beings, there is always more to strive for in life. To be progressive, one has to adopt an attitude of success consciousness every day. It is these simple rules for thinking and performance that have bought millions of great people success and will help many more to secure achievements by keeping their entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit That defies Logic

There is one major aspect that differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people – unshakable confidence. They are completely certain that no matter what happens they will be able to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how many friends, family and neighbors tell them they are wrong or wasting their time. They know, without a doubt, that they will be successful. There doesn’t have to be any logic behind the decisions they make. It’s the faith in their abilities that drives them, not reasoning.

They can be shown time and time again all the reasons their plans won’t work and they continue on as if it didn’t matter – because it doesn’t. They will figure out a way to make their ideas work regardless of common sense and reasoning. Failure is not an option for successful people.

They can fail a thousand times and keep doing the same thing because they believe it is their destiny, and have faith that whatever it is they are trying to accomplish will eventually work. People with less confidence will give up and quit after they have experienced failure. This is not the way the mind of a successful person works. When things go wrong they see it as a setback and a challenge – not a failure.

They do not shut down and change plans. They keep plowing through the obstacles until they have achieved their goal and gone beyond any set limitations. Once a person is successful, their confidence becomes contagious.

They inspire confidence in those around them, who then reciprocate it back ten-fold. People no longer tell them they are wrong and disagree with everything they say. Instead people follow them and take everything they say as if it were pure gold. The trust of the group creates an even greater sense of confidence in the successful person and furthers their ability to control the environment and minds around them to achieve whatever it is they desire.

entrepreneurial colleges help ignite your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Think you possess an Entrepreneurial Spirit? Then work more!

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Are we all born Naturally with an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

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