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6.) To empathize with your friend

Empathize with a Friend

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Why it's important to be
able to empathize with a friend

In today's fast-paced world where technology has pretty much taken over the communications arena entirely, do you ever sometimes wonder;

Why we have allowed ourselves to let go the simple joys of actually going over to a friend's house or having a conversation with your best friend over the phone rather than just texting?

Did you know that for far too many people these days, texting has taken over talking. Texting has its place and can be great when short important messages need to be conveyed rather quickly if you ran out of gas or forgot which kind of ice cream your family wanted at the grocery store.

Things that are written whether in a letter, instant message online or through a text message can often be misinterpreted by the reader and can cause unnecessary distress. Talking either face to face or over the phone is a much more accurate way of communicating effectively as tones of voices and such can say a lot more to someone than just the written words.

Why it's important to empathize with a friend or share feelings

One benefit of friendships that can be better when they are conveyed through live interactions is that of being able to empathize with and share feelings with your close friends. One important factor that enables this to really be a benefit is when one person is allowed to fully express themselves while the other person truly listens. Being truly heard is of enormous importance.

Sometimes in friendships, people don't realize that they are usually the ones doing all the talking while their friend waits what seems like an eternity for his or her turn to talk and be truly listened to. Think about conversations you have had recently and honestly ask yourself how much of the conversation was you're doing most of the talking while barely giving your friend time to also be able to share.

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Is it a good idea for one, to be able to emphatize with a friend?

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