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10.) For emotional help

For Emotional Help

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Discover how important it is to
have friends for emotional help

Here is just something to think about.

If you find you are too busy for friendships and meaningful relationships, perhaps you just might be too busy. It's good to be busy, but being too busy for yourself is not good at all! Sometime we all need a break.

Counselors might even add to that, "your busyness" could be a defense mechanism against getting close to people or the possibility of being hurt due to rejection. Of course, you might truly be too busy. If that is the case, you may want to consider looking at your daily schedule to see where you might be able to carve out some time to cultivate existing friendships, or even develop some new ones.

Having healthy friendships in one's life brings many positive things such as reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Having someone who cares about you and with whom you are able to return those feelings for is healthy and important for your own wellbeing.

If you may allow me to ask, when is the last time you had a leisurely lunch out with one of your close friends or had a good heart-to-heart talk with your best friend on the telephone? Perhaps, maybe it's a good time to call them now!

Friends for emotional help

It's perfectly normal for most of us to have days that just seems to not go well on us. On such days and occasion, good friends can help by listening, being there for us and maybe even reminding us not to take ourselves and life so seriously. A true friend will be there to remind us to enjoy our lives and that life is short.

In short, friendships provide emotional help in our times of need. Although a good friend can help us smile and laugh. Some people have needs that are deeper to address than solely by our friends and would best be addressed by a licensed counselor.

If your friend is making you feel drained and you are boggled as to how to provide the right emotional help, it could be a sign they need professional help. One such instance is if a friend is discussing suicidal thoughts with you. A friend can surely listen and care but if it's something that serious, they really need to talk with a counselor as well.

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Why is it important to have friends for emotional help?

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