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Egyptian Theme - a Unique Birthday Gift Idea

by Joseph
(Salem, Or)

Searching for a unique birthday gift idea...

How about a birthday party with an Egyptian Theme?

Here is why a birthday party with an Egyptian theme is such a cool if not weird and unique birthday gift idea:

1.) It's because Ancient Egypt still fascinates us to this day. From scarabs beetles and Pharaohs to pyramids and mummies, there is enough to fascinate anyone.

Oh before I go further though, you have to understand that - your goal with this kind of party is to not only fascinate but also to have the kids enjoy themselves, you do not want to scare them so keep the frightening stuff to a minimum. Your child might not get scared when they see all the kind of stuff that makes an Egyptian birthday party them but the others coming to the party could, so gear the party to everyone.

Decorating your birthday party with the “Egyptian theme” is not as hard as it may seem. You can even use some of the decorations left over from Halloween, a cost saving strategy.

First you need a tent or canopy which can stand in as a pyramid. Place some authentic-looking relics inside the tent or canopy to capture the flavor of the Egyptian pyramids. Place the skulls you have, from that Halloween party you had, around the space.

You could also place some gold coins that you can buy cheap at the party stores. Some cheap jewelry and sequins for jewels can be laid about too to replicate those that were worn in ancient Egypt. The pyramid scene will not be complete without a mummy all wrapped up standing in the corner, you could have this too as part of your Halloween decoration.

2.) Another reason why birthday party with an Egyptian theme is such a unique birthday gift idea is because, in Ancient Egypt stories, most mummies also came with their own curses!

For that reason you may want to tell your guests of the curse for your mummy before they enter your pyramid. The guests really love listening to the story of the curse of the mummy's tomb and you will enjoy the look on their faces as they listen to it.

Some activities you can do include burying a treasure in a sand pit or even a sandbox will do and let the guests try to dig them up. You could also make some fake artifacts to bury instead of treasures. Be sure to let each person have a turn though and finds at the least one item to take with them when they go home.

You can serve pizza, have a barbecue dinner or other food that is easy to fix. Set it up to where the quest can eat in the pyramid weather permitting of course and for entertainment show the movie “The Mummy” after dinner as long as this is age appropriate for the age group of kids attending. You can make it an overnight event if you so choose and let the guests sleep in around the tomb if it is set up in a tent, or you could just let them play for a bit around it.

Some good ideas for goody bags are things such as glow sticks, flashlights, chocolate coins, spiders, candy jewelry and stickers. A good game to compliment this unique birthday gift idea with an Egyptian theme is to wrap a mummy.

Divide up the guests in groups of four, or less depending on how many there are, and have the groups race to see which team can wrap a mummy (one of the team's members) the fastest with toilet paper. Let each team member have a turn as the mummy too, but make sure you have enough toilet paper on hand as some kids do get carried away.

You want to make the event so much fun for your guests to come to, that they will be looking forward to the next birthday party your throw expecting to get another thrill of the birthday party with an Egyptian Theme. However, because you are such a "great party giver," you may surprise them with another "unique birthday gift idea."

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