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Don't Panic and Just Be Yourself

by Karen
(Campton, KY, USA)

The best option to deal with a cheating boyfriend is not to panic. The suspicion that he is cheating is not confirmation that he is cheating. Before you jump to conclusions try to get proof of his cheating. Here are some of the things you should be on the look out:

1.) A sign that he may be cheating is that he is never available when you try to call him. Turning his phone off when he knows that you will be trying to get in touch is not a good sign.

2.) Making plans well in advance and a loss of spontaneity in the relationship could mean there is a problem as well. It is one thing to have a relationship getting stale or old, it is another when he has plans all the time that do not include you.

3.) When you are discouraged from popping in or surprising him that should be a clue as well.

When you are worried about whether or not he is cheating, try not to be too clingy when you are dealing with him. That is the best way to make a man who was not cheating wonder why he is with you. There has to be something that he liked about you that made him start dating you in the first place. Try to be yourself and not let these worries turn you into something that you are not.

While cheating itself can obviously ruin a relationship, if you suspect that your man is cheating, then you must be cautious when dealing with him.

If, for example, he just has a friend that he has known for many, many years, and from the outside it appears to be cheating when it is just a friendship, then trying to weasel around and spy on him will end in disaster. If he were to find out you were spying on him when he was not doing anything wrong, then the relationship might end right there.

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating, then it is of the utmost importance that you wait and see if you can catch any of the more obvious tell signs, such as "getting dressed up" for seemingly no reason, and hanging out with his "buddies" more and more often than normal, before getting yourself involved with the spying.

If you do end up catching him, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do, as no two situations are alike. If you have been together for years, and you suddenly catch him cheating, then it might have just been for the thrill, and you catching him would scare him straight.

If, however, you catch him cheating and it has only been mere months, or worse, weeks that you have been together, then it should be obvious that he will more than likely be a compulsive cheater, and you should drop him right away. In the end, if you are confused at what to do, then just follow your heart.

You do not need to be with someone who does not want to be with you. Let him know that you have a life that will go on without him. There is nothing more appealing than someone who knows what they want in life and is comfortable in their own skin. A cheating boyfriend is not the end of the world. It simply means that you deserve better.

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