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Do More Great Work

(6.) Do More Great Work Not Less

Most Americans typically work around 1,680 hours per year. Seems like a lot of hours to you, right? Actually that amount to roughly about 32 hours of work each week. (Assuming that someone worked each week throughout the year without taking any vacation) Compared to other countries around the world, that is far fewer hours than most people from other developed countries have clock in as work throughout the world.

What that actually means is that Americans have more free time to relax. However, as you very well know it is difficult for someone to comfortably relax if you are not making enough money to make ends meet.

Why it Pays to Do More Great Work Now

When John met Bill, they hit it off right away. They had apartments across the hall from one another, and when one bought a house, the other moved into the same neighborhood shortly thereafter.

John had a job working at the airport. It was an excellent job, with plenty of room for advancement. He worked hard and studied hard. He was married and had two kids. It was a nice suburban life.

His friend Bill had a fairly decent job, too. He was a mechanic, so there was always plenty of work. He had a wife and a son, and for a while, he lived a pleasant life in suburbia near his friend John.

The two met other people in the neighborhood and had plenty of good times together. They would meet up on the weekends with these mutual friends and drink beer, smoke a little pot sometimes, and play games, such as Uno and Trivial Pursuit. It was great fun, with lots of laughter, music and camaraderie.

Then something changed. John received a promotion and moved away with his family.

His way of life changed. He enrolled in online colleges and took various courses related to his job and steadily moved up the ladder of success. Rather than smoking pot and drinking beer, he started fishing and metal detecting. He had a lovely home and a happy family, and while he might occasionally look back warmly on his other life, he would only see it as a brief interlude. He drove new cars, took fabulous vacations and maintained an excellent work ethic.

Bill also changed places of employment, primarily to avoid drug testing. He still enjoyed his weekend drinking, but he started drinking earlier in the day. He drank every night after work, too, with his friends. They would stand around all evening after work and during the day on the weekends, doing nothing but talking, drinking and smoking. When Bill was home, he sat on the couch watching television, or sat in his garage smoking and drinking, and doing nothing else.

The pot smoking and drinking was an everyday thing. DUIs were not a hindrance. Quitting was not an option. He saw his habits as a lifestyle, not a problem. This meant there would be no better job, due to drug testing and a lack of motivation.

John retired at an early age. He enjoys spending his time with his wife, children and grandchildren. In his spare time, he still likes to do metal detecting, and he goes fishing whenever he feels like it.

Bill will probably never retire, because his so-called lifestyle will be too expensive to maintain on just his Social Security, and he never really thought about saving for retirement. His long-term pot smoking and beer drinking has given him a lackluster attitude toward life, and it has left him in a rut that is gradually becoming a chasm.

By: Assoumi Jacob

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Scared To Do More Great Work

Are you one of those people that tend to have extra hours at your disposal, but prefer to idle around? If you are, then you might want to reconsider. How about you start to work more and do more great work and not less work! You know even if you decide to take a second job that is not paying as high as you would love, that job may give you the opportunity to learn new skills. New skills could open up additional opportunities for you, in your current job or elsewhere.

This is no time for flimsy excuses for not putting in extra hours of work, like getting scared of accident at work or claiming that you may get injured at work for working too hard. Instead get yourself a work insurance policy that will have you covered.I have friends who have even worked for free for a limited time to prove themselves to a company. They do this with the hope of getting hired and paid a wage. Talk of comprehensive work compensation programs! Many times it works out for them too.

Consider also that in most cases, leisure time is overrated when the bills are stacking up. The only way out of a vicious circle of bills stacking up is to bring in more money. There are still many opportunities in America to make money.

You just might have to dig a bit to find a way though.For instance you may want to start a home business that you can run after your regular workday. This can be done out of your house or over the Internet.

Some have taken their favorite crafts and started selling what they make. Others find they have a knack for writing articles for Internet sites. There are also those who start an eBay business.

Working on your own not your style?

Ask for more hours at work. Volunteer to pull whatever extra time your employer will allow. This also puts you in good favor when raise time comes around. Bosses like the eager workers. They will typically give more time to those workers. It is just time to work more not less when money is tight.

Do more great work by Organizing Yourself

Get organized. Being organized can help you move from one task to the next with a minimum of disruption to your day. Getting organized can take a little bit of prep work, but once you have yourself set up with the right tools and the right mindset, you'll find that the few minutes you spend getting organized can save you hours of time. Here are some quick organization tips you can use for specific tasks.

Cooking Dinner
Before you start cooking, figure out exactly what you'll need for the menu you're planning to cook. Get everything lined up and ready to go ahead of time. Pull out the pans you'll need for each part of the meal at the same time to save you trips back and forth to the pantry, and line up the cans that need opening by the can opener ready to go. Read through any recipes you're planning to use and get all of your ingredients assembled before you start. The five minutes you spend getting your space organized will pay off in smoother work flow and less frustration.

Tracking Expenses
Whether you're tracking expenses for your personal budget or for an ongoing work project, organization is the key to making sure you list everything you need. Spend a few minutes creating a spreadsheet in your favorite accounting software. Include all the categories of spending you typically use. Designate an envelope to hold all of your receipts for the week and keep it with you.

Every time you spend money, tuck the receipt into the envelope. If you make a payment online, jot it down on a slip of paper and add it to the envelope. Once a week, pull all the receipts out of the envelope and record them in your expense spreadsheet. Date the envelope and put it in a file folder or envelope. When it's time to do your taxes, you'll have an exact figure to enter for expenses and all the records you need to prove your expenses to IRS satisfaction.

Those are just two examples of how working smarter can help you get your work done in less time. All it takes is a little organization. A little planning and organization will help you do more great work and boost your productivity.

By: Mary Anita

do more great work - hard works pays

Do More Great Work Not Less

do more great work - work less do more:

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Would you rather dream more, work less or "do more great work?"

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