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Custom Made Sweatshirts - Great Gift!
by: Kiraya

Gifting a custom made sweatshirts is not something I would do before. It is because its hard to find one and also the price of this sweatshirt would be expensive because it is custom made one. But I think it is a great idea though because the expensive the gift is, the more appreciation we got from the one who get this adorable custom made sweatshirt, right?

Furthermore, custom design sweatshirts is awesome gift to be given during winter time especially during Christmas. Can you imagine having a hot, fluffy sweatshirt in the middle of snowy, cold winter air with your name on the back of the shirt. If you walk it up on the street during winter, I think its cool to have some custom made sweatshirt right?

For myself, If someone nice enough to give me a custom designed sweatshirts this Christmas, it would be a great appreciation from me to her/him for a wonderful and awesome gift that no one would ever imagine to have. All I can say is, this is an awesome gift and I don't see any reason why people won't troubling themselves to get this shirt for the one they love.

If the custom sweatshirts Fits
by: Anonymous

A custom sweatshirt is an excellent idea for some people. If you know people that like to wear this type of item often, then it would certainly be a more special gift than just a plain black or red sweatshirt.

It wouldn't make a very good gift for someone who is not into wearing that type of clothing, though. For instance, your grandma probably wouldn't appreciate it as much as your father, the football freak.

I think it would be especially appealing to teenagers and kids, who wear that type of clothing article a lot. Little children, of course, would appreciate different types of customization, such as cartoon characters. Teenagers would probably be more into music themes. Adults would mostly appreciate the sports team logos or other identifying information.

Some gifts are definitely a waste of money, because the receiver may or may not like or use the keychain, paperweight, elephant slippers, etc. But I think that anyone who wears sweatshirts would not only use one that is customized, but feel rather special that someone went to the bother of creating it. After all, who doesn't like something both practical and unique at the same time?

Couple's sweatshirt
by: alison dixon

I love giving gifts, but I never know what to give people. My sister told me it was her boyfriend's birthday 2 weeks ago and she wanted to know would I get him a gift. I can't believe she asked me that! I asked her what kind of stuff he likes, and she told me anything with a little thought behind it.

First of all I do not feel comfortable giving another woman's boyfriend a gift, but since she's family, I decided it was ok. I thought about all kind of crap I could get him, but the one gift I wanted to get him, would be too personal. I wanted to get a pair of boxers or a watch, but that would be too personal right?

I saw a couple walking down the street in couples tee's and was like duh, perfect gift. Then I was like, wait! I need to know his size and what's his style, I was very confused. I researched couples shirt's online and I saw that it was very popular in parts of Asia like Korean and Japan, and I knew a gift like that would blow them both away. I know it?s his birthday, but a custom sweatshirt for couples is an amazing idea.

I love that with "custom printed sweatshirts" you can literally put any message on them and their fashionable and have a cool hood on them as well. I ordered the custom sweatshirts for both of them, and they loved it and were so surprised that I came up with this idea.

Friends Birthday Gift
by: Anonymous

Wow! This is a great idea for a gift!

My friends birthday is coming up and I am planning on doing this for her. We went to college together and always went to the sporting events together. These sporting events have come to mean more than "just a game". In fact, they symbolize our friendship in a bigger way. This custom sweatshirt is a perfect idea to give to remind the people you care about and those you attend sporting events with, not only of their favorite team but of your friendship every time they wear it.

I think too, that if you get a custom hooded sweatshirts to match your friends, you can also take home a little piece of your favorite sport. It could be a really cute idea to go together with your matching names - you'd really be part of the team!

This is also a great gift for the person who has it all. We all seem to have those people who are impossible to shop for since they seem to have everything. This type of gift is so unique that it is very unlikely they will have anything similar. What a great surprise for them! It is thoughtful, personal and unique.

And one final suggestion - what about those christmas exchanges where you dont know the person all that well? It is quite easy to find out their favorite sports team, then get them a custom sweatshirt as a gift. This is the perfect way to do something personal, even when you dont have much information about the person you are giving to. Every sports fan will love this, so it makes it easy to give!

Great idea! Im very impressed!

Adorable and alluring Custom Sweatshirts
by: Gurinder Kaur

Custom Sweatshirts are amazing in the the sense that it can give a person different personality as it would be according to one's desires. As it is how you like it, we feel more confident because everyone likes to look different.

There are many things that could be done to a sweatshirt for example,you can have quotes which appeal to you,you can have your name flamboyantly displayed or you can have a beautiful embroidery work (a woman would like that). Since the beginning of time women were enamored by clothes that made them look different.

Now not only women but men too want to look different so if a man wears something that tells about his attitude towards life by a quote written on his sweatshirt he will certainly have a singular appearance. There are a lot of brands in this world and somethimes we see people wearing same clothes like us (it is kind of a blow to a woman)so Custom sweatshirts can create that difference. They are an awesome style statement.

Stuff-wise you can get excellent material in medium brands to high brands,more importantly they are warm and cozy. And as I have experienced they dont give any itchy feelings that other garments give. Sweatshirts are mostly for the winters and there are many countries in the world that remain cold for most of the year so Sweatshirts have a lot of use. I am from northern India and it gets quite cold in winters and a lot of people wear that. It is very popular in India. I myself have bought seven sweatshirts during winters.

From the economic point of view customized sweatshirts can provide work to large number of people and I feel that some known brands will come out with their own customized chains. So I think Customized Sweatshirts are best during winters and I love it.

I love cheap custom sweatshirts!
by: Lisa Huard

I have always been a very big fan of hoodies and cheap custom sweatshirts. Crewneck sweatshirts being my favorite of the two! I have gotten a couple of them custom made for me and friends and family.

I would say atleast once a year to once every two years, I get a sweater for my birthday or a holiday and I can honestly say I've never disliked any of the ones I have received. I think they are fun gifts because you can get someone that has their name on it, their favorite sport, an event, a state, or maybe even their favorite singer or band. Any type of customization.

I love having shirts and sweaters that match because sometimes I want to be able to wear the same thing I was wearing last summer, but I can't because it's winter time. That's where those types of sweaters come in handy! People all over get sweatshirts all of the time with their favorite sports team or player on them, and they wear them proudly.

As far as I have seen, these sweaters seem to sell fairly well and I think that they will continue to do so, especially when different seasons come around for different sports. I actually plan to buy my husband a Tennessee Titans sweatshirt and Jersey this Christmas. He has been asking for one because he has hope that the Titans will make a comeback in the upcoming seasons! I would definitely suggest a sweatshirt as a gift for anyone!

Custom Sports Sweatshirts as a Gift for this Football Season
by: Anonymous

Yes, I would love to gift my best friend and my girl friend with a custom sports sweatshirts because they are devoted fans of football. I never thought of it as a gift till I saw this website. I shall definitely make arrangements to buy a sweatshirt which reads their favorite football player and I know that shall make them proud to have their favorite sports person name on their sweatshirt. Thank you so much for enlightening me with this wonderful idea about giving personalized and good custom sweatshirt.

I personally, from now on shall say this to as many of my friends as possible so that they too can start gifting with custom sports sweatshirts. I am quite sure it would be a stunning gift for my friends. What would be a great idea for me is to have my friend?s name on it and the number which represents his favorite sports person. I am sure it will be a thrilling gift and shall always remember me whenever he wears it. I can now clearly understand that there are a number of companies online which provide with such customized sweatshirts.

Before this football season, I shall definitely grope for a great custom sweatshirt and gift it to my friend to give him a wonderful surprise. I shall spread about this website to as many of my friends as I can, so that they too can read it and get interested to adopt this idea of buying and gifting a custom sweatshirt. Thank you so much for posting such a great idea!

Custom Sweat Shirt as a birthday gift is a unique and wonderful idea
by: Suchi

Birthday is a special day in one's life and it is always advisable to give a unique and memorable birthday gift so that the person not only becomes happy but remembers you throughout his life. Choosing a perfect birthday gift is very difficult as nowadays the markets are flooded with gift items. But gifting something customized as per the likes of the birthday person is a wonderful idea.

Gifting someone a personalized custom sweat shirt is an all together unique idea and the person receiving it will cherish it throughout his lives. Sweat shirts are available in a variety of colors and one can buy the color which is the favorite of the birthday person. The sweat shirt can be customized by adding his name or by adding a personal message. If the person is a sports fan then the sweat shirt can be customized by adding the name of the team along with his sports logo.

The best thing about customized sweat shirt is that it can be gifted to all persons irrespective of the sex or age. Kids can also be gifted sweat shirts on birthdays customized with their favorite cartoons or Disney characters. Kids will be extremely happy to see their favorite characters printed on the shirt and will remember you every time they wear it.

Sweat shirt for elders can be personalized by adding their favorite or one can also print a photo of the couple and gift them. The person receiving the gift on his birthday will be so excited that he will cherish it throughout his life. This gift is also very useful in winters or in cold places.

Custom sweat shirt is definitely a wonderful and unique gift idea and it is something that is not only different but also surprising and memorable.

Custom Sweat Shirt A Great Memorial Which Could Always Remind Your Sweetheart About Celebrated Occasion
by: Anonymous

It is traditional approaches that if you are invited in some birthday party you have to carry some gift along with you. Indeed, this works as a memorial that can always remind them about the celebrated occasion. In other words, this is a humble way to show your gratitude towards the person who has invited you for that special occasion. Especially if you are going to attend a kid's birthday you need to carry something as a gift that can be memorial as well as useful for them.

Every kid loves T-shirts especially when you customized it for them they love it very much. Indeed, custom made sweatshirts are a great birthday gift idea. You can design such shirts in number of stores; even you can get customized online as well. There are some interactive websites who design these kinds of sweat shirts. You can choose color option, desired text and can give a prior look to such sweat shirts.

On the other hand, these gifts are not so expensive yet a decent gift too. If you judge it from usage point of view they are durable and everyone loves wearing it. In a single word, if you are going for birthday party and would like to present something special to your friend or the invitee who has invited you custom made sweat shirt is the special one. Moreover, since it is appreciated by all, highly practical in use and good in their prices so brand the birthday party and let your sweetheart laugh with joy!

Personalized Custom Sweatshirts Show someone you care....
by: Shan C.

I feel that a personalized custom sweatshirts presented as a gift shows someone that you really care! You actually know that person well enough, to create a masterpiece just for them. Personalized gifts also make great Birthday presents for hard to shop for friends and family members.

Recently my father had a birthday coming up, and I had no idea what to get him? The only two things my father likes are the San Francisco 49ers and ink pens. So what did I do... a custom Sweat Jacket with a matching pen. I was able to customize the sweat shirt with the colors of the team along with my dad's favorite player-- Jerry Rice. I even had the option to put his name on it. The pen also had his name on it.

When it came time for him to open the present, I knew he would be so excited about! The look on my father's face was priceless! He put it on immediately, and wore it for the rest of the night. Even to this day he tells people about the sweatshirt, and how blessed he is to have a daughter that loves him!

Children always get excited to see their own name on their gifts so personalized Birthday gifts for kids are always a popular choice. For my kids birthday presents this past month, I ordered them each a sweatshirt with their favorite Disney character, and of course their name on the front.

For my daughter it was a purple Tinkerbell sweatshirt with her name in cursive on the front, and for my son it was a blue Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt with his name on it. When they came in the mail, we immediately opened them and I told their kids their character put their name on it just for them. The way their faces "lit up" was just so joyful to me.

Eventhough Birthdays only last a single day, personalized Birthday gifts capture memories to last a lifetime! I know my father and my children showed me custom presents really do show someone how much you care!

Personalized gifting rocks!!!
by: Suraj Nair

The article is written beautifully. The writer can also include something like personalizing the favourite number of his / her friend on the sweatshirt / jacket / jersey. The best way would be to gift the jacket / sweatshirt / jersey by personalizing it with the friend’s birthday (date only) along with the name of that friend. In fact today personalizing gifts have become a trend and you can find such shops in most of the malls. Had it been earlier such a personalization would have costed us a lot of money but today due to competition and also due to the availability of such technology we get the same at a reasonable rate.

Also another benefit of giving a personalized gift to a friend can greatly enhance the bond that you share with him / her. But again having said so such gifts would be highly appreciated by teens and to a certain extent by those who are a diehard fan of a sports.

Though gifting personalized gifts is a very good way of expressing love and affection to friends not many people gifts such personalized items primarily because they are sceptical whether his / her friend would like the gift or not. All I can say is a sports enthusiast would definitely appreciate such a lovely gesture. So I would rather suggest people to shed their apprehensions and start gifting personalized gifts to their friends and loved ones which will definitely help you to bond much better than you ever could. Personalized gifting rocks!!!

wow! thats a gift
by: Sujeet

Really! Never though of such a good idea as no one things of giving a sweatshirt as gift. It is hard to find a perfect gift for your friend as they are so many things and almost impossible to select a perfect match but when I read about the Personalized sport seatshirts, jersey, shirt or jacket that will be amazing. A ordinary sweatshirt or jersey will not make a big difference but a jersey or jacket with your friends name printed on it will be something lovable. Everyone wants his or her name to be recognized and nothing can be better than that. Also whenever they will wear it they will get to remember you. Besides putting the name on the jersey it would be great if you can put some great punch lines like "hard to beat" or anything of our choice.

One more thing that impressed me is the variety, they are not only providing a custom sweatshirt but also customized shirts and jackets. With so many varieties you can always gift your friend something or the other, if your friend is not that much in games you can gift him a jacket or fashionable shirt with his name printed. Besides having that name on the jacket it will help you stay warm in cold climate and you friend will love to tell that its been gifted by one of my friends as and when someone asks that.Wow! that's indeed a very good idea.

I hope my friends are reading this and get that gift for me:) I will love to have it.

gift a custom sweatshirt
by: ritu

Hey gifts are always good to accept, wat say? But when it comes to give a gift there is a utter confusion for what to buy.Well if we talk about apparels, there is a huge market for them but definitely sportswear is a big big win because it reflects the athlete inside you.

It is a new age wear that custom sweatshirts are a hit in the market.Every big brand offers a lot of variety in this section, also if you talk about local market a lot of local brands offer custom sweatshirts.

I was also gifted a set of custom sweatshirts by my sister and it was truly a wonderful one, as I am a great athlete and I was looking for this type of wear.

Well if I talk about which of the two groups would like to have this type of wear: girls or boys, instantly I get the answer that both of the groups equally like the custom sweatshirts.
And the most important thing is that the trend is changing and now the sports are in and so the custom sweatshirts.

customized t-shirts

When i came across this page i knew nothing about customized t-shirts and never have thought of giving stuffs like that as gifts.

It would be a sweet idea giving a custom personalized sweatshirt or sports jerseys.Of course it would be an idea that would make a huge difference.People are ever aware of gifting facilities like this which would be a cute memory for a birthday or any other functions.Whenever we thinks of giving a gift we usually fall short of ideas.Instead of just buying a new branded t-shirt, customizing a t-shirt would be different and unique.

It would be the best gift for our friends and relatives to keep a memory of ours and remembers us whenever they sees.The person will be well impressed if we could print it with the photos or names of their favorite stars, sports persons or celebrity's.

I would earnestly love to give my best friend chris with a FC Barcelona t-shirt printed with his name, because he's a huge fan of barca.
And it would be fun though playing with his name in barca t-shirt...WOW that would be great.

A T-shirt for a kid with his name on it,what a cute idea. It would be great if we could add a special message and image.

I believe it will be a creative, thoughtful and memorable gift.
So why would you wait?? Go, get one now!!

A Warm Gift From A Warm Heart
by: Ben

Know someone who lives in a cold climate? They just may need something new to wear. The sweater selection here is great! Anyone would be happy to receive one of these highly comfortable and warm sweatshirts.

Being from a cold climate myself, I know how nice it is to have clothing that keeps you warm and cozy as you go about your day. It's a highly practical gift that will remind the receiver how much you care about them each and every time they put it on.

Show them your love! Give them a great gift they'll keep using long after it is received. It may be an extra sweater to increase wardrobe choices, or the only means of warmth your special someone has when they go out in the rain or cold weather. Either way, they'll be quite delighted to have it. They are stylish and practical, which makes them a wonderful gift idea. Plus, we all know how hard it can be to choose a gift. We wrack our brains, trying to choose between this and that.

Almost everyone can use a sweater though. Even if it's not the highest ranked item on their wish list, it will be a highly appreciated item that they can use time and time again. Don't give another gift that just gets returned to the store. When you gift one of these great sweaters, you'll be helping someone keep warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Sounds Like a Cool Idea
by: vipin k.s

This page helped me a lot. I came across this page looking for a good idea of giving gifts for my best friend's birthday. Now I got the thing. Majority of the people thinks that team jersy as a birthday gift is not at all good. But in some sort of views it is good.

A sweat shirt with a custom name and number of your friend make them happy. I am pretty sure about it. It will make you proud if they show the sweat shirt to his friends. One of the most exciting feature I found on giving a sweat shirt as a gift to my friend is that this gift is applicable to all ages, sexes and for any persons who love sports.

Every sports fans like to wear team jersys with the name and number of their favourite player's. That will make them happy. But if the same jersey contains your friends name and your friends favourite number? That will make them more happy. This is the best way to show support to your favourite sports team in your own distinct method. By giving this present they will come to know that you are encouraging and appreciating their favourite sports.They will love that.

My friends love sports very much. They use to paste the photos of their favourite players or sports on their walls. So im sure that they will love to have a customized jersey, shirts or other sports wear article of clothing.

Another important factor is that by giving these clothes to your friends will be helpful for them if they are living in colder climates. So one gift two uses and more happiness. By giving this gift to your friends they will remember you forever. When it comes to most memorable friend's birthday,this idea suits the most. Another important benefit to giving your best friend a personalised team jersey, shirt, jacket or any other custom made sports wear is that every time they put it on or even just see it they will think about you.

Before giving your friend this gift,think about your friend's interests. If he love sports or love jerseys you can give. That might as well really surprise them and hopefully,they will love it.

What a great idea!
by: Faye Kerr

I just started dating this guy a couple months ago and really wanted to get him the perfect gift for his birthday: nothing too cutesy but something he'd really like and would use. That way, it would remind him of me. :)

This was absolutely the best idea ever. He loves to play basketball and he goes to every game the Blazers play. I got him a personalized Blazers jersey with his name on it and he loved it! He wears it all the time when he's out playing basketball with his buddies. They all ask him where he got it from and he says me which means he's thinking about me! It worked! Best idea ever!

A Great Gift Idea
by: jitendra k bharai

Wow!That is the only thing i could say when i saw these custom Sweatshirts. Really cool! The idea of giving my friends a custom sweatshirt never really occurred to me. It is a notion that really does not strike easily. But thinking about it I really believe that it is a great idea.

Just consider your friends and relatives being anxious and curious about the gifts that they are going to get on their birthday. I would be excited as well. But would they be expecting a custom sweatshirt of their favorite sports team? I doubt it.

A gift is meant to be a pleasant surprise. And this one is surely going to surprise everyone. A nice and pleasant change.

People love to wear sports shirts especially of their hot teams. The market is full of sports wear and most people love to buy such sports shirts. And when you give a gift of a sweatshirt with their team name written all across it--that will drive them wild. In fact a lot of folks have told me that they would love to wear the latest sweatshirt if only someone would gift one to them.So now is your chance.

awesome way to gift
by: Lalitha

Gifts are something that all over the world irrespective of age, sex love to receive. Gifts are sure to make one happy. Gifts are of many kinds and there are lots of things available now a days to gift someone according to ones? likes. But gifts that are customized according to the receiver would surely be something that the receiver would cherish all their lives.

Whenever we want to gift someone, we fall short of ideas as we always want to give something that would firstly last longer and secondly would remind the person of our love to them and how important they are to us. When I came across this idea of gifting a customised sweatshirt, I was very happy to have found something that I can gift to many people and is also a way to be remembered.

Gifts should always be such which makes the person feel special and also is of good use to them. And in this case sweatshirts are surely a great option anytime as they are constantly in use irrespective of the sex or age.

Everyone, especially people who are very much into sports, would love to have a customised sweat shirt with their name on it. Moreover for kids we can always customize the sweatshirt with their favourite hero or cartoon character and if you are going to gift it to your partner it can very well be customized to say I love you with his/her name on it. Hence I feel this is a wonderful gifting idea and one that I would surely use to gift my near and dear ones.

Gift A Personalized Sports Wear
by: leelavathy

I 'm saying that the Custom Sweatshirts are the best one which we can gift to our friends , close relatives for them to both use and remember us.

Printing their favorite players name and number on it, instead of that have the shirt,or jacket our friends name on it. Reason is that they can more easily find a team jersey, shirt, or jacket with their favorite player prominently displayed. A personalized team jersey, shirt, or jacket will be a great gift that they will certainly like and enjoy as well really surprise for them too...and hopefully, they will love it:)----That is surely to draw a big smile on your friend's face.

The good way to tell your son or daughter that you appreciate and encourage their love for sports..
Really a super fine gift, for them its a useful gift,that they can use and remember us also...

Great B'day Ideas!
by: Karun

I came across this page looking looking for an attractive and unique idea for a pal's birthday gift. Looks like I struck Gold!

Maybe you think sweat shirts or sportswear is an ordinary gift. A sweatshirt with a custom name and number and maybe your own custom logo? That is guaranteed to draw a big smile on your friend's face (much bigger than any price you can pay for such a gift!)

Not only will this gift make them proud of themselves but they'll also make you proud seeing them show it off to their other friends. This is a gift suitable for any ages, all sexes, any kind of sports fans or even any person who would love to have a one-off sweat shirt or sportswear to treasure!

Not only is this a great looking gift but it's very useful too. It helps your friend stay warm and stand out among the crowd during a ball game at the stadium. I bet you will love all the attention! This is also the best way to show support to your favorite sports team in your own distinct method.

The best way to tell your son or daughter that you appreciate and encourage their love for sports..
The best way to remind your parents or grandparents about those good ol? times...The best way to tell your friend that you they are part of our team!

Wouldn't you want all this right now? So why wait? Go on and get one! Be that great friend you always are to them and make this birthday special for them!

I'd Love A Custom Sweatshirt as a Gift.
by: Nicole

I'm a DIY (do it yourself) kind of person and enjoy making special little gifts for family and friends for any kind of occasion. I think customized gifts are more special than simply going out and buying a typical gadget or giving a gift card.

I enjoy painting and drawing on t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and even tote bags but can't do a professional looking job. I think paying to have a customized sweatshirt would make an excellent gift that anyone would cherish! the professional aspect would not only impress them, but having something special to you and that person printed on would make this gift memorable and special. You can put their name on it, an inside joke, their favorite phrase, a picture, their favorite pet, or whatever you think would best suit the receiver.

Just about everyone wears clothes so it would actually be useful and you would be happy knowing that it's being put to use and seeing them wear it. Plus it'd give you something to talk about and a special memory.

I'm not to big on sports but definitely have friends and members of my family that are self-proclaimed sports junkies. Who doesn't have that uncle or brother that decorates their house in football posters and dedicates Sundays to the TV for a game? I'm positive they would absolutely love to have a customized jersey, shirts, or other sports wear article of clothing. You could put their favorite team on it, their favorite player, or even put their name on it. This would be an excellent gift idea for a child or teenager developing (or with an existing) sports obsession.

Overall I really like the idea of giving, or receiving a custom sweatshirt or even sports wear because it's more personal, and special then most other kinds of gifts.

Custom Sweatshirt Sounds like a really cool gift!
by: Anonymous

I've always wanted a personal shirt, so, I would love to get one of these. However, this would only be a good gift for people living in colder climates, because if they live in a warm place they are less likely to ever wear it.

Basically, if they live in Europe, then go for it, but if they live in Latin America, you might want to reconsider. Furthermore, make sure you have enough time before its needed to allow it to be made and shipped, consequentially, this is a terrible last minute gift, because it won't be there at the last minute.

Also, a custom sweatshirt would be an especially nice gift for the self-promoting types, because now they can advertise themselves wherever they go. Also, it would be amazingly cool to have a fake jersey with your name on it, it would make the athletic types seem especially adept at their sport and it would provide a funny joke for the geeky types.

Overall, some things to consider before giving one of these as a gift are: Are they a self-promoter? Are they familiar with sports? Are they American (If not make sure to be very careful spelling their names with accents if those are present in their language)? Do they live in areas where sweatshirts are commonly worn?

And do you have enough time to wait for it to arrive? If, after considering all these factors, giving it as a gift seems like a good idea, then I would definitely recommend them as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts
by: BH

I just moved out to California, and my fiance is living in a tropical climate. I am trying to bring her and my son here with me, and giving her a custom embroidered sweatshirts when she gets here would be a great gift for her. For one you need something warm and snug out here during the winter times.

It get really cold indoors and out. It would be extra cool to get her name personalized on a sweatshirt or maybe a message to tell her how much I care. I would give it to her at her arrival at the airport. I'm sure she would be thrilled to have it, especially since she is not used to cold weather, and that it was made personally just
for her.

I would also like to give one to my roommate. I know he would probably like to have a new sweatshirt as the current one he owns has some holes in them from wear. He's also such a lazy and messy person around the house so Id like to give him a personal message on his sweatshirt such as,

"World's worst roommate," or "World's messiest roommate." LoL!!!

Either way I think its a great and fantastic idea of a gift. I have heard of personalized t-shirts or greeting cards, but never really heard before about "custom embroidered sweatshirts." When you think about it everyone owns a t-shirt, but not on the average not everyone owns a sweatshirt.

My one year old son could use something warm also, It would be great if they will have sizes for young toddler's like my son. I would put something extra special on his sweatshirt.

Sweat Suits, for fun and profit
by: WFF

Ok, maybe no profit. But let's be real: Do you want your clothes to advertise your slavery? Do you want your wardrobe to be an indictment of your individuality? Or lack thereof?

Kids go to jail for putting their names up on the world, then spend all their money putting another mans name on their chest.

Stop the madness!

If you're going to put a name on sweatshirt put your own! Go all city on your boys back, don't front for another man!

Maybe that's just me, maybe I'm the last man standing, and arrayed in front of me are the hacks, flunkies, toads, followers, and yes men who will tell you to just buy what everybody else buys, and do what everybody else does. If that's you then go for it. Line up, put on the uniform and wait the whistle.

The whistles not coming.

This isn't a game. Put your own stamp on the world or it will stamp you out!

It's hard out there, come birthday season and your little bro wants the new Sean John gear. But you don't want to live like that! Seems like theres no way to resist right?

There is! Customize it, let the world see your name and your colors and your style. Put that little kid out there rocking something original and fresh. Teach him to live his life not the cardboard doll life the man wants to stuff him in.

Great idea, Always will be
by: Luq Simeon

giving a customised sweatshirt or sports gear is always a great idea. First of all, I hate giving people presents of any kind for any occasion, because I feel its just an excuse to make us spend money instead of showing our love for one another, a bit sad but I know...

The idea of a customised shirt is nothing less than love, its personalized! Something unique and full of thought, whether it be their favourite sport team, team members, bible verse's, family photo's, inspirational quote's or something personal it's always going too work out, and why will it always work out? Because their clothes and clothes in this day and age are very important and having a little piece of yourself on your clothing is always a plus.

Customised sweatshirts is awesome, the fact that its not more of a craze baffles me. not only can you get customised sweatshirts for your friends but everyone, young and old, male and female, even animals. with a customised shirt theres no need to worry about getting something they do not like as long as you do your research right you will have their favourite team logo on their very own sweatshirt at the fraction of the price you'd expect anywhere else. In my opinion yes awesome idea, always will be.
Luq Out

Custom Sweat shirts as a gift, makes a real sense
by: Anonymous

Who does not like to be gifted But once it comes to selecting a gift, its an headache. For girls you choose from variety for objects but for guys it?s hard. For girls you can gift from Dress, perfumes, cosmetics, glasses and what not. But where is comes to guys you should choose from small number of options like tie, pen, dress, shoes, watches, perfume. But customized sweat shirts do make sense. I feel gifting a custom sweatshirt is a good idea as they remember it. It is useful for them too.

Getting a personalized sportswear and custom sweatshirts themed piece of clothing for a gift will certainly be one of the most unique gifts that your friend will ever receive. This gift is also something that he will get a lot of use out of and particularly during his favorite sports teams' season.

Another added benefit to giving your friend a personalized team jersey, shirt, jacket or any other custom made sportswear is that every time they put it on or even just see it they will think about you and what a great friend you really are.

Last but not least, if it happens that your friend is into more than one sport, and then there is an opportunity for you to give this kind of gift to them more than once. That might as well really surprise them and hopefully, they will love it.
You can have a logo on the shirt so that it matches his personality or a funny wording. If he is a family guy we can get his family photo printed on it.

Good Surprised Gift...Customized Sweatshirt
by: Swapnil

To impress someone on their birthday by giving something unique gift is a quite tough, because we have to give the gift which makes him or her surprised as well as they also have to like it.

The Idea of giving the customized sweatshirt or sportswear is a wonderful idea. Most of the boys are a big fan of some sports, in my case my most of the friends are Football fans, they like Messi, Ronaldhino, Ronaldo. They like them so much that, while playing football they call one another by their idols...It?s pretty much fun though, with playing among the sports star lol.

The point is that if they are gifted with sweatshirt having their idols name on it they will be all excited for sure, in my case I like F.C. Barcelona jersey, If my friend also know about this idea then may be I will be lucky and he will gift me the one.

The second Idea about printing their own name on jersey or sweat shirt is also nice one because someone may like to be seen as the part of great football club or cricket team. If I will have gift like that my only reaction about it is ?WOW....I am feeling like Rhonaldhino now ?, And I know that this sports wears are so comfortable that you want to wear it all the time. I remember, once my father gifted me T-shirt, it was normal one not the sportswear but its having the poster of my favourite player on it. It was my one of the favourite T-shirt.

by: Anonymous

Custom sweatshirts are only a good thing if the quality of the product is grade A stuff. It's disappointing on many levels to create a custom shirt that fades or looks ratty after a few washes.

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