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Custom Picture Frame

A custom picture frame is a unique birthday gift idea for someone you care about and here’s why. A person receiving a picture frame gift for their birthday would be very surprised and touched because such a gift would be personalized and they would know that a lot of thought and work had gone into creating that special gift.

hand crafted custom picture frame

The best picture frame gift I ever received was a present from my Uncle Bob. Since I was a kid, Uncle Bob has been my favorite uncle. I think this is because him and I share a similar sense of humor, we always laugh at the same jokes at the same time and stuff.

Anyway, one Christmas my family was sitting around, waiting for our guests to arrive, when Uncle Bob walks in the door with a sack full of presents. Heck he even had on a red jacket to further enhance his Santa Claus image.

We all said our greetings and he sat down and passed out his presents. I got mine, a rectangular package, and wondered what was inside. Like I said before, Uncle Bob and I share a sense of humor, so he usually gets me some comedic gift for Christmas. I enjoy his gifts a lot, and was expecting something similar for this year.

To my surprise, when I opened the gift, a beautiful picture frame lay in the wrapping. It was expertly crafted, almost as if air itself had been woven into the shape sitting before me. The frame was exquisite, and looked quite expensive.

Needless to say I was totally shocked. I looked to my uncle for explanation. Apparently the frame was hand crafted by an Italian artisan he had met during one of his frequent world travels. Uncle Bob explained how he had saved the man’s life when he was choking, and as thanks the artisan made him this picture frame to “preserve the memories of this day”.

I was so touched that my uncle chose to give me this amazing work of art. To this day, I only keep my most treasured photographs in the frame, and it sits on a place of prominence on my work desk. I believe that this gift may be one of the best I have ever received.

by: Samatha

custom picture frame and Its Endless Possibilities

A custom picture frame is full of possibilities. People very often put up a line between things and experiences but a picture frame ties the two together in an interesting way. A picture frame makes you think.

It’s like taking a trip, there are lots of unknowns. You know where you’ll go but you don’t know the details of what the experience will be. Besides having the experience there is the time before where you imagine what it will be. It’s like taking two trips, the imaginary trip and the actual trip.

The person who gets this frame will know they’ll put a picture in this frame but what picture? Will it be a photograph of a loved one? Or will they branch out and discover fabulous art that they will value for a lifetime?

Perhaps their search for art for their new frame will open those to new artists they didn’t know existed. Maybe they’ll find so much art they love they’ll buy a new piece every few month and use the frame over and over with new artworks. Even better what if that frame inspires them to open up their own artistic talents?

The size, shape and color of the frame will open up lots of possibilities too.

If the frame is tiny it might be used for tiny photos of family or pets. It could also be used for the small artworks that are so popular called ACEO’s, Artist Trading Cards. These are small works of art measuring 3.5” x 3.5”.

If the frame is overly large this might just get put in a closet because filling it could feel too overwhelming. It all depends on the person you’re buying the frame for.

If the receiver of the "custom picture frame gift" is adventurous this could be the perfect gift with endless of possibilities to what they can do with it.

custom picture frame - unique birthday gift

A picture frame is a unique birthday gift because you can put a picture in it for the recipient that shows a special moment from their life. The picture can be of yourself and the recipient so that they will always think of you when they look at it.

You could also put an artistic painting in the frame that you think that the recipient would love. You could also decorate the picture frame in a way that makes it reflect what the recipient enjoys, such as, if they enjoy the beach, you can glue shells and sand on the picture frame, or if the gift is for a loved one, it could be decorated with hearts and glitter.

The gift then would be sentimental to them and a very special gift.

It is a gift that they will keep forever because it will be close to their heart, and it will bring back good memories every time they look at it. The frame could also be given as a gift alone, and that allows the recipient to put whatever they want inside it, so it becomes a gift that is more interactive than the average gift. It is also reusable because different pictures can be placed in the frame at different times of the recipient's life.

A picture frame can be a unique gift if it contains a collage of photographs. People would appreciate a collage that depicts important or fun moments in their life that they could hang on the wall and reminisce. A person receiving a picture frame would be very surprised and touched because it would be personalized and they would know that a lot of thought and work had gone into creating the gift

by: Gurinder Kaur

Why gift a custom picture frame?

custom picture frameMany people like to collect and frame their most favorite photos. A custom picture frame is a great birthday gift to give your friend and particularly ladies love picture frames.

The good thing about choosing a picture frame for a gift is that there are many different picture frame ideas, sizes and styles of picture frames for you to choose from when considering one as a gift.

For instance you may opt for an engraved picture frame, digital picture frame or simply an antique picture frame just to mention a few. You can also choose a picture frame and have it personalized for your friend's gift too.

Personalizing the picture frame gift for your friend can be done simply by having the picture frame engraved or painted with the personalization you choose.

Share your thoughts about gifting a custom picture frame here

The first and most important decision you will need to make with regard to choosing a picture frame is the size of the picture frame. The size is the most important because if the picture you wish to put into the frame is too small, too big, too wide, or not wide enough, the frame is useless.

The second decision you will have to make is what kind of materials you want the picture frame made from. The picture frame can be made out of wood or some kind of metal such as aluminum for an example. The third decision for you is the weight of the picture frame as well as whether it will hang on the wall, or stand.

Now that you have gotten through all of the decisions pertaining to the correct specifications of both the photo and the picture frame, it is time to decide on how you are going to personalize this gift for your friend.

The easiest way to personalize the gift picture frame is by engraving, painting or adding picture frame ornaments and whatever it is you want the personalization to be on the picture frame. However, the method of applying your personalization is going to be dependent on the materials of the picture frames construction. A perfect personalized electronic custom picture frame is also a great birthday gift.

Have you considered gifting a custom picture frame?

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