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Custom Made Bracelets

by Joseph

How about giving your friend a custom made bracelets as a gift?

Friendship bracelets, as a rule, are hand made by the person giving this token as a gift and they are a symbol of the closeness they feel to the person receiving the bracelet.

The good news about giving such "custom made bracelets" as a gift to your best friends is that they can easily be made from many different kinds of materials such as hemp, wool or beads.

Placed securely on the wrist of the chosen friend, the bracelet should not under any circumstances be manually removed as this would indicate that the friendship is indeed over and done with.

If, however, it is left on the wrist of the wearer until it falls off of its own accord, then it is believed that no damage will be incurred and that the friendship will continue to flourish as before.

If you do not feel you are skilled or confident enough to make your own friendship bracelets, as an alternative you can opt to buy a craft kit which contains everything you need for the job. Young girls and teenagers love to receive kits like this enabling them to create their own designs and pass them on to their friends.

Quick Fact: Although once upon a time bracelets used to be items used and worn only by young girls, now-days custom made bracelets are worn by people regardless of their age or gender.

Jade Bracelet

Teenagers tend to make these bracelets and give them to a boy or girl they really like and if the bracelet is accepted by the person presented with it , it can be taken as a definite sign of interest. Who knows where this may lead?

The colors of the bracelets vary from one example to the next. Some tend to go for neutral colors when using rope and hemp, whilst others opt for brightly colored beads as a component of their design. The person making the friendship bracelet usually tries to match the design with the character of their friend. Making a friendship bracelet is easy and fairly straightforward.

There are several books available with instructions to guide you through what you have to do. A simple design uses knots, looping of the rope through beads and tying off the ends of the bracelet or using glue to secure the beads and to stop them from falling off. Once you have perfected your first creation, the world´s your oyster as far as friendship bracelet making is concerned.

When the bracelet is finished it can be adapted to fit the wrist of the wearer and tied securely with a knot ensuring enough room for movement is left when doing so.

  • "Why are custom made bracelets among the best friend birthday gift idea?"

It's because these days kids and teenagers are not the only ones enjoying friendship bracelets. Adults are often seen wearing them, although grown up ones tend to be made a little more substantially. The bracelet represents friendship no matter who is wearing it and as well as being a super fashion accessory, it is a great way to show just how much you feel about those close to you.

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