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Personalized Car Seat Covers - A great marraige gift idea!
by: Tom George

Marriage is one of the greatest celebrations of one's life. In majority of these marriage occasions you will find it tough to select and ideal gift for your friends and relatives. Common gifts like books or CD?s might go unnoticed and will be a total waste of money. You have to select an ideal gift which might be useful and touching rather than the usual ones.

Majority of people consider their car as a prestige symbol and go the extra mile to maintain it properly. If you have any friends who have their automobiles very close to their heart, it?s always a great idea to gift them a set of ?personalized custom seat cover?. You may finalize on the fabric material depending upon your budget for the gift. Wide varieties of fabrics like cloth, velour or even sheepskin are available in the market. It?s great to give a personalized message on the cover for the couple which will connect them in love for ever. Or else you can consider a simple monogram which is well suited for marriage occasion.

A custom set of car seat covers will always make your friend think of you, whenever they get into their car. In addition to this, seat covers also provide a comfortable seating depending upon the material used. So customized seat covers as a marriage gift, is one the most innovative and creative ways to express your love and concern to the new married couple. Since marriage is one of the most exciting and happy occasions of one?s life, they will cherish it through out their life.

Yes! I would LOVE Custom Car Seat Covers!
by: Shaniqua

For some people, cars are more than just a way to get from one point to another. Really, for some people, their car is part of their identity. I am one of those people. If someone got me custom seat covers for a birthday or holiday gift, I would just KNOW that truly cared about me.

I have never personally owned custom seat covers, but I would definitely consider the person who bought me car seat covers to be a close friend for life! I would totally invite them to go cruising in my newly styled ride. I?d probably even start up my own little collection of seat covers. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and I think custom car seat covers are a fantastic idea for anyone that has a car.

There are just so many options to choose from, especially when considering the type of fabric. You could go classy, and choose a fancy leather. Or maybe try something more sporty and go with suede. I think the best part of receiving custom car seat covers as a gift is the personalization options available! Sports teams, monograms, pictures of a band or music artist, even celebrities; the possibilities are truly endless.

When you get in someone else?s car, you can learn a lot about them without them even saying a word. Does this person pay attention to details, or are they messy? Are they relaxed or uptight? All you need to do is take a look around their car.

Customized Car seat Covers as a birthday gift is an innovative idea.
by: Suchi

Birthday is the most wonderful day in one?s life and it is the day when one wishes to have fun and enjoyment so that it becomes a memorable day. Choosing an appropriate gift for the birthday person becomes a difficult task and moreover the gift has to be chosen taking many factors into consideration like the budget for the gift, sex and age of the person. All of us want to give something unique and memorable.

Giving a customized car seat cover as a birthday gift is a totally unique and a very innovative idea. The person receiving the gift will be so happy that his birthday will become a very memorable day for him. Car seat covers are available in various designs and colors.

Seat covers can be purchased and customized in the way you like. Name of the birthday person can be imprinted on the car seat covers so that every time the person sits on the car for driving he /she remembers you. Car seat covers can also be customized by printing photos of the birthday person.

Nowadays various types of fabric are available in the market and one can buy the fabric one likes and which is comfortable to sit and drive.

Customized car seat covers as birthday gift can be given to those who love and care a lot about their car. The best thing in giving car seat covers as birthday gift is that the person will use it every day. Car seat covers as birthday is a totally innovative and wonderful idea and the person will cherish it throughout his life.

Way better than generic gifts
by: Anonymous

"A couple buddies of mine are huge gearheads who live, eat and breathe for their cars."

A few years ago, this one friend of ours actually won $50,000 from powerball, so we got him those numbers as the personalization for his birthday, he freaking loved it.

You can also do people's birthday, lucky numbers or when you want to figure how to personalize it, all you have to do is ask their mom, girlfriend, dad, buddies or brother for advice. If they had a nickname in school, that's a really good idea too. Some people like a favorite bible verse or favorite college football team or their school mascot.

When you personalize something as a gift, you're actually showing that you gave this person some thought and that you know them well enough to spend a while thinking of something that they're really gonna like and remember their birthday by.

It's much better to take a few seconds and just figure out what the important things are to that person instead of just getting them something obvious or a lame gift card, but if you still can't figure out something you're sure they're going to like for as long as they have the car, or however long they keep the seat covers.

Car cover works great, especially for those people who will appreciate you realizing that they want to protect their car but their tastes are so particular, they appreciate you looking out for the lifespan of their paint job.

Custom Leather Car Seat Covers
by: Anonymous

Custom leather car seat covers are an absolutely great gift idea. Nobody can think such a great idea as of now. Today everybody is thinking of what it is to give as a gift. All prefer dresses, crockery, books, CD's etc when it comes to giving presents. But it may not be useful for all because every body has their own special interests in things as these.

Gifting custom leather car seat covers is a new idea and I am surprised to hear why we did not think about the idea before. According to the explanation in the site "the most important aspect of giving this kind of gift is that your friend will think of you when they see them or sit in them or whenever someone else notices them".

That explanation is very touching and we will be happy on the thought of we are remembered by our beloveds because of our great gift. When our friends get a good gift they will explain it to their friends that this is the gift of my best friend. Sincerely saying when our friends talk well about us or our gift we will be much more excited. Moreover our friend's car will be looking good because of our gift. They will be thankful to us for ever. That is fantastic.

This days, almost all people have their own cars. So gifting car seat covers to our friend who owns car is an absolutely a great idea which I cannot explain in words. Thanks to the great idea and thanks to Nikenya.

Excellent birthday Gift idea
by: vipinks

In my point of view this present or gift is a great idea for those who have all the other things as gift.

Usually people give flowers, clocks, paintings etc as the gift to their friends. I'm sure that this will be a surprise gift for your friends. This present or gift gives a true feeling that you really care and know that person and what they like.

There are a variety of models,colours and ways to customize them so that they meet the needs of your friends who is receiving the gift. I also think these would be nice for the people who loves their car and want it kept clean. Car seat cover as a gift will be great for the person who used to travel in the car for a long time and who used to travel a lot. That will make them more comfortable and relaxed.

Now a days people used to buy cars having incredible outlooks. By providing them shining and neat seat covers they will be very happy and the car also get more attractive. There is one thing i have to say i.e ,before giving car seat cover as the birthday present choose the best model which makes your friend happy and the car more attractive.

These gifts can be given to the people who care so much about their cars, how it looks and what they put into it.It shows that you are too caring about their car and its parts. I must say i was surprised of this great idea. My friend love cars very much.He always used to say about the car's interiors,outlooks and all those stuffs. This will be a good idea to make them happy.

Gifting a friend a seat cover is both good and bad. The positive side is that this will bring happiness to the friends who loves their car very much. If the friend doesn't like cars this idea will be a wasted one. So think of your friend's interest.

"Great Gift Idea"
by: Bret

I think that car seat covers are agreat gift idea. I have an uncle who was in a bad car accident one year. After he healed from his accident, he would always complain about back pain. When Christmas started to come closer, I could not figure out what to get someone that had everything.

I went on the web and started looking arround and there it was, a custom car seat cover whith built in heater and a massage unit. My uncle loved the gift, and ever since then I have given car seat covers to family, and freinds for hollidays, and birthdays.

One year I gave my brother a custom car seat cover for his first brand new truck. My brother was worried that his new truck's inerior was going to get ruined because of the line of work he was in. I found the perfect set of covers for his truck, they were his favorite football team. I was also able to find him the floor matt as well. My brother was excited for the gift.

This year my brother and I have already started looking for car seat covers for my dad for Christmas, and we are also looking for a car cover as well. I think that A car seat cover is A great gift, because not many people have them. A car seat cover can be customized to any pearson in all kinds of ways. You can customize them with the pearson's favorite sports team, custom embroidery, color, or favorite theme.

Unique Custom Seat Covers
by: Anonymous

Getting a car seat cover as a birthday gift is an awesome and original idea for someone to give to a friend or family member, and even better for someone who is really close to you. Everyone always thinks of everything else, but the most practical thing which is a car seat cover.

Now a days we practically live in our cars. We are constantly on the go so we tend to do things such as eating in the comfort of our cars. Car seat covers can keep your car seats clean, and it can also look good. If its someone close to you, you can write a quote that takes you back to the old days riding bikes as kids, or a love quote for that one special someone. We all have some kind of friend that is high end and flashy, so why not give them something glamorous like a fancy monogram of their initials.

For car lovers, who are constantly keeping their cars clean, and are always adding parts and things to make their car look good, a car cover would be ideal to keep their most prized possession squeaky clean. You can really make a statement by giving someone something so unique like a personalized car cover, or car seat cover.

This is a great idea!
by: Jessica

I'm the kind of person that likes to find gifts that are useful to the person receiving them, as well as something thoughtful that I know they'd like and enjoy. Car seat covers are one of those gifts. There are so many different models, colours and ways to personalize them so that they match the needs and personality of whoever's going to recieve them as gifts.

I also think these are great for when people are really attatched to their car and want it kept clean. My father-in-law is a neat freak and is always complaining when my sons are eating or playing with 'muddy' toys in the car! I'm definately thinking of buying some for him.

They would also be great for people who travel a lot and spend long periods of time in the car. People would be way more comfortable and relaxed, and they'd enjoy their trips more. In conclusion, I think they'd be a wonderful gift for all kinds of people!

Cars modification
by: John

Cars plays a very unique role and it is now basic need of great importance after all. People used to buy cars having stunning outlook nowadays having such a mindset but rather than status symbols of all it is basic need, and for some people their automobiles are even considered to be members of their whole community.

What this essentially means, is that people want their cars to look good, and are somwhow able to spend money on this cause.

Having said that, one of the best gifts you can surprise your beloved with is a personalized custom car cover with unique features. You may choose to buy a

cover for the complete vehicle simply or just the seats, it all depends on your needs and the amount of money you wish to spend the greater you bow the great it pays to you.

When purchasing personalized custom car seats covers, you can choose from various materials, like cloth or velour,fabric, and then of course you have to decide what kind of material anf stuff do you want for it. It can be just the initials of the person you?re buying the cover for, or maybe a famous verse or a quote afterall. It doesn?t really matter, you can choose whatever you think will make the person happy as it,ve been ur best friend car. It?s an important choice though, because after you present

Before you give your gift to your friend, make sure that you try your best in determining the quality of hte fabric basically this is the way person will admire you and able to make an image of you each and everytime he sees his new covers or sits in them and this will make you much happy.

Ofterall if you can?t make up your mind generally, or you are having first thoughts you can always buy a cover for the whole car instead of a single one by changing all of its features. This is a gift surely to be of great importance to served for your friend indeed.

Not a good gift idea
by: Anonymous

I can't say I would give a custom car seat cover as a gift. While it has its uses, to me, a gift is something more about personal enjoyment than usability. While the person may appreciate the gift and use it nonetheless, I would rather give someone a gift that they actually do something with.

On a different note, the custom car seat you would be giving would be something the gift recipient would see every day. If it happened to be that they did not actually like the gift, it is of no use and is not returnable. I feel like if a person wants a custom car seat cover, that person should be the one to pick out what it is, especially if this person has very specific or unique tastes.

They need to be totally and completely satisfied with it because it will be something they see every time they use their car, which is presumably pretty often. I may be slightly biased in that I'm not interested in owning a custom car seat cover, but it's just the way I feel.

I guess maybe if I knew someone really well, and knew they really wanted a custom car seat cover, I would buy one for them. I would still however have reservations about what to buy because there's no turning back once I get it for them. In the end, however, I don't think that giving a custom car seat cover would be a great idea.

Giving Custom Car Seat Covers
by: Jill Melles

Giving custom car seat covers as a gift is not a great idea, especially when personalized. A car is a very important part of someone's identity and reflects their personality.

By choosing a personalized car seat cover for someone else, it is assuming that we know their preferences and likes/dislikes. Something personalized should be left to the individual himself or herself to choose.

Car seat covers that are neutral, such as Sports Teams or Racing, etc, are an okay gift because they are so general. If I were to recieve a car seat cover that was personalized, I would have mixed feelings. There is a chance, of course, that I would like and appreciate it - however there is no gurantees that I will. Especially since something that has been personalized and customized specifically for me cannot be returned.

I'm not really sure how effective customized car seat covers would be for a gift, as I have never seen them before. In the future, I would be interested in seeing what custom car seat covers look like. I am not aware that they are available anywhere in my city, Fredericton NB.

In conclusion, I believe that personalized car seat covers are not a great gift idea and if choosing to give them as a gift, the giver should carefully consider the interests of the reciever.

Personalized Car Seat Covers are such a unique idea
by: Anonymous

I must say i was very surprised of this unique idea. I always try to think of something unique to buy my children, nieces and grandchildren for birthdays and christmas's and this one tops it all. I love this idea.

I really like the idea that you can also put personalized messages on the covers and I would of never thought i would be able to even choose the fabric i would rather have. And its so easy to order. This is brilliant.

This is a perfect gift idea for everybody who likes to stand out at parties. Or for anybody you know which likes to have things which are different then the things we buy at a store or online. We all like to have something special and this will make our kids feel so special. Its something we can put a lot of thought and love into it. The appreciation will be huge. Our kids will have their own special seat and they can point it out since it will have their name or nickname on it. This may also eliminate the fighting between kids, twins or in my case my son and grandson.

If you are a person like me who loves to purchase unique gifts to give to loved ones, I would highly recommend you to purchase these Car Seat Covers. Money should never be an issue when it comes to something unique and special. Every penny is worth spending if it will bring happiness in your kids or your loved ones kids lifes.

A pretty good idea!
by: Matt K.

Having just received a new car, I know something that I am looking forward to getting eventually are both car seat covers and car covers. The seat covers would be nice, especially custom ones, as I have standard cloth material in my car that is anything but comfortable (one of the few things I'm slightly disappointed with in my car) and let me tell you, I would absolutely love it if a friend of mine got me a car seat cover as a present. Most of my friends know my tastes to a T, and since I generally drive all of my friends around, it will almost be like a present to them as well.

As for the car cover, since I just got my new car, I would like to protect it as well, and something simple like a car cover would be a great gift if the seat covers were out of their price range or they simply aren't sure of how I would exactly want the car seat covers to look. It would be absolutely great to receive a car cover, especially since where I live is especially dusty and I would like to keep my car as clean and free of scratches as possible.

A great gift idea
by: Anonymous

Cars play a very important role in our life nowadays. They?re not just means of transportation anymore, like they used to be, but rather status symbols, and for some people their automobiles are even considered to be members of their family. What this essentially means, is that people want their cars to look good, and are willing to spend money on this cause.

Having said that, one of the best gifts you can surprise your beloved with is a personalized custom car cover. You may choose to buy a cover for the complete vehicle, or just the seats, it all depends on your needs and the amount of money you wish to spend.

When purchasing personalized custom car seats covers, you can choose from various materials, like cloth or velour, and then of course you have to decide what kind of personalization do you want for it. It can be just the initials of the person you?re buying the cover for, or maybe a famous verse or a quote. It doesn?t really matter, you can choose whatever you think will make the person happy. It?s an important choice though, because after you present your gift, this person will think of you each and every time he sees his new covers or sits in them.

Of course if you can?t make up your mind, or you?re having second thoughts you can always buy a cover for the entire car instead. This is a gift surely to be appreciated, with only one downside: it?s a bit more expensive, than seat covers.

Custom Made Car Seat Covers
by: Anonymous

I actually think the idea of giving custom made car seat covers is an interesting one, and one I have never thought of. Seat covers are one of those things that I believe a lot of people probably need but never buy. It is just one of those things that goes to the bottom of the priority list when things need fixing or changing.

I perhaps would not put my friends name on it (I can just imagine random people peering in and finding out his or her name then using that for devious means), however I like the idea of the quote, proverb or bible verse, for example. It can be a good reminder of what really matter or a picker-upper after a long day at work and just getting in the car.

For example if I gave my friend custom made car seat covers that had a quote that she had been used to hearing her grandmother say or something inspirational like "Good, better, best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best".

It is an interesting gift idea.....especially when people want to give gifts that have utility. Definitely will consider this in the future, particularly for all my car-loving friends!
I can also imagine that a quote on a car seat would be a conversation starter numerous times-it is just not something that I have ever seen before(and I am sure many other people can say the same).

I suppose one of the main things preventing this fad from catching on is that you will have your back or body covering it when your in the car most of the times, but I think just seeing it when you get in the car is enough.

My husband would love this!
by: Bonnie

I think custom car seat covers would make a pretty good gift for someone who is into cars or maybe even someone who has to spend a lot of time in their car.

A friend of mine used to have to drive 1.5 hours to work every day and in the summertime, I bet they would have wanted nicer seats (I think their seat were the cheapy vinyl kind.) I know that years ago, finding a specific design or object for a project like this would have been a challenge if it were anything unusual. Nowadays, there must be almost no limit on the kind of things you could have put on the seat covers, since everything is digital and easy to find online.

My husband is the kind of guy who would totally love a set of nice seat covers and he has unique and eclectic taste. He and I have a lot of inside jokes between us and I think it might be fun to put one of those on a car seat cover. The best part of a gift like that is it is something I know he will use and see everyday.

I hadn?t thought about the car cover, but it really makes sense, especially for someone with a really nice car that needs to be protected. I don?t have the money for a car cover (or the super nice car either!), but I might have to look into the seat covers as a Father?s day gift.

Great Idea for someone who has "everything"
by: Anonymous

This is a pretty unique gift idea - especially for that special someone who has "everything". Partners who are very into their cars can be difficult to shop for if you don't know much about their hobby; this is a great way to bypass the anxiety of not knowing what to get your significant other for their birthday.

Good idea! - Custom Seat Covers
by: Katie

I personally think this is a great idea! There are so many different options it is hard to go wrong! I know I would appreciate a set of custom seat covers for a birthday or for Christmas. It could be personalized a name, favorite color, or favorite design or animal.

It seems like a great idea! I think that custom seat covers would make a much better gift than a standard car cover. An actual car cover would not get used as much, and is not nearly as personal. It does not seem worth the extra money if it is not as likely to get used. As an everyday car driver, I know I would appreciate the comfort that seat covers provide. You do not necessarily have to get the standard thin, stretchy cloth for a good seat cover gift.

There are many different types of fluffy or cushioned seat covers which come in many different colors and designs. Also, someone is not as likely to buy themselves a set of car covers, even if it is a good investment, because the cost seems like an inconvenience. That makes it all the more appreciated when someone receives it as a gift!

I think that custom seat covers show the receiver that you actually put thought into the gift that you got for them. Overall, the idea for seat covers as a gift is a very good one, and would be greatly appreciated by anyone who is getting them. On the other hand, I do not think that a whole car cover would make a very good gift, and would end up to be a waste of money, or a re-gift.

Pretty cool
by: Paula Hicks

I think that its a great gift for somebody that has everything all ready. i know that i search and think for days weeks, trying to think of something to give somebody something that they couldn't just go out and buy.

It gives a true feeling that you really care and know that person and what they like. Its better than just giving a gift card,which seems nowadays to be the safe way. i say go for it!

a great gift for car lovers
by: Steph

When there are so many people who care so much about their cars, how their car looks, and what they put into it, custom gifts are one of the greatest choices. For that friend of yours who is absolutely in love with his or her vehicle, a set of custom seat covers make the ultimate gift.

Stock seats are so, incredibly boring. They have no flair, no love, no passion. Where's the color, the embroidery, the quality, the something to those seats that screams "This is MINE! I sit here, every single day, and I love every minute of it!"? Hard to find, isn?t it? When you get some custom seat covers for your friend, they will be grateful and pleasantly surprised.

Why, you ask? That?s easy. Because it shows that you, too, understand their passion. It shows that you, too, care about their car and the way it looks and feels. Most of all, it shows that you thought of your friend in an outside of the box sort of way.

Who needs another gift card, flowers, or a set of towels? Nobody! Custom seat covers are a completely original and thoughtful gift that your friend will see and use every single day, and you can be sure they will remember you for it. They are a perfect gift for the lover of the car, and the car itself.

Plus, for that next time you need a ride, your friend will recall your respect, and they will totally have your back.

Cool Car Seat Covers
by: Anonymous

Being around automobiles my entire life, I would have to say that there aren't many people who use car covers. On the other hand there are a lot of cool car seat covers I get to see around

So before anybody should get an expensive car cover let alone one with a personal monogram on it, the buyer should consider very carefully if the friend receiving this gift would even use it. If the person lives in an area where the car is parked under trees where birds frequent or if it contains berries that fall and dirty cars, it might be a good gift. On top of this, people need to consider whether or not the car the friend has is expensive enough for the friend to care about the car that much.

I know I would be too lazy to wrap up my car everyday. Car seat covers, on the other hand, seem like a more acceptable gift.

Although car seat covers are generally more affordable than car covers, they are also easier to use since users don't have to take them off on a daily basis just to put them back on again. In general, car seat covers seems to be the type of gift a majority of people would use mainly because it is more subtle and less cumbersome than a big sheet of fabric (or sheepskin according to the article).

Another big plus about this gift is that a car seat cover can seem more personal being that anything can be customized onto it according to the friend's personality much more easier than a huge car cover.

Overall, if the buyer's rich enough and can't decide, why not buy both! But if it were up to me, I know none of my friends would love their car that much to unwrap a huge blanket over their car and would just shove it into a drawer or closet and be forgotten.

Gifting a friend a custom made seat cover
by: Ikru

Gifting a friend a custom made seat cover is both good and bad. The positive side is that that will bring great happiness to a man who loves his car and want always to look good. In such a situation you have to gift him the one he wants or the one he was searching for. Be always sure about the color and also the style of the covers.

The other thing that can be done is to personalize them by adding a monogram. This is a nice idea. If your friend is always happy with some signs or some wordings then you can add that to the covers which will make them more happy. Every person wants the interior of their cars to look good. So being a part of their happiness is a very nice feeling.

This can also be in the other way. A car is someones personal choice and he or she will have an idea about how to keep their car. If we are gifting them with something that they don't want in their car as a gift they cannot reject it and he has to accept it to please you. If he puts the seats in his car, then he will not be that happy or pleasant. So what you are doing is spoiling your friend's mood whenever he or she enters the car.

Also when you are gifting covers, your friend will have the difficulty of giving labor charges to put the covers. This is not that good when he or she has a new set of seats at present. Also personalizing the covers can add to the problem when someone other than your friend in his family uses the car.

I want to pick them out myself
by: Anonymous

Giving custom car seat covers is a pretty personal gift. It's on of those things that if your friend does not like it, it's hard for them not to use the seat covers without offending you. If you give a shirt to someone as a gift, you don't expect them to wear it everyday. But car seat covers would be something you'd expect to see in your friends car every time you were inside it, or else you'd wonder why they weren't there. Giving them as a gift is probably harder than picking them out for yourself. And what if they don't like it.

You probably spent and lot of money, time and effort picking it out and putting it together, so you'll be offended. And the person who got the covers can't regift them. And because they're custom, they can't just put them in their wife or brothers car, it's prbably not even the same make and model. I'd much rather tailor my own car seat covers than try to match some other persons taste in them.

I can choose the best car seat covers that have colors that I think go well with my car pretty easy, but I'd have to know your taste really well to pick these out for you. I know that maybe I have a red on black theme going and will get a matching shift knob. I'd like to see what's available in colors and style and maybe the seat covers can inspire the other interior and exterior plans I have for my car.

In short I'd like to pick these out myself rather than try to give them as a gift.

Unnecessary Expenditure
by: Brad

While some people might think that customizing the interior of their car is important in establishing their identity, I believe that buying custom car seat covers is a waste of money and space.

Instead of wasting money trying to make the interior of your car more stylish, why not spend that money on something that's at least marginally more useful, like clothing, instead? Better yet, save the money for gas, since prices are headed in only one direction: Up.

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