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Still wondering what "code monkey idea" birthday gift idea is all about?

Well let me explain:

I love to mess around with Flash and HTML, and one year for my best friend's birthday, I made a website with a game on it just for him.

It was one of my first attempts at making a game, so it wasn't anything particularly complicated. Just a typical side scrolling, old school 8 bit graphic deal. Based, of course, on a rather famous plumber, princess, and a big old baddie trying to take over the world combination. Only, in this case, the baddie was a Pirate, and my friend played a Ninja looking to save his Geisha.

I sent him the link, he played the game - and, when he completed the game and saved the world, the winning screen proclaimed him the birthday king. The game stated such proclamation via a flag flying over the dojo of the main character and his beloved. Needless to say, my friend absolutely loved it! He called me up in the middle of a laughing fit to tell me how awesome the game was. That made me particularly happy!

Code monkey idea - Creativity counts

I created a grand total of playable 20 levels (I had made more, but ended up scrapping a few), since my best buddy was turning 20 years old. When I talked to him after he had won, he admitted to not actually catching that little joke, but he still thought it was a good thing to include.

I think the toughest level would have to be the ice level, since running could cause you to wipe out. It was much more difficult than I had expected it to be. I also had a few penguins tossing random snow gear at the main Ninja guy, things like snow shoes and ski poles and carrots (which none of my play testers understood. They were for snow man noses, dude!) and pointy icicles.

It was particularly hazardous to run in this level because you could slide into that stuff being thrown at you, and after getting hit three times you died and had to restart the level (assuming you had not gotten to the halfway safe point, that is).

My best friend said that when I created that horrendously difficult ice level, I must have had some serious help from Dante, because it was the coldest hell of a level he had ever played.

So - yeah - if you have some L337 n1nj4 skills, then by all means, spit out some code and write a game for your best friend. If they are geeky, they will certainly enjoy the effort put into creating them a personalized game.

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