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Casino Night Birthday Party Theme

Since most people would say life is one big gamble, nothing makes more sense for a birthday theme than a casino night birthday party theme. You can celebrate with card games or roll the dice for a little fun. Everyone is sure to have a blast at this party.

You choose the games and set up that will suit you and your friends.

You don't have to use real money. Instead pull out some fake play money or use chips. When someone wins they get a prize. You can even give a little party favor to those who do not win big. It is the perfect way to celebrate the gamble that life is.

You can do it anyway you like

You might want to put a James Bond style spin on things. Have everyone come in their best tuxes and dresses and serve them from an open bar. You could also make it a tropical scene with flashy Hawaiian shirts, fruity drinks and leis.

The theme will really dictate what everyone should wear, how you will decorate and what food and drink you will serve. Decide what style of casino you want and you have your theme. You will need some standard casino items, too, like a roulette wheel and gaming tables.

Invitations can be purchased online or you can just make your own on your computer

The invitations should match up with your theme. You want to make sure that people understand the theme. For example, if your theme is over-the-hill then you will want to reflect that in your invitations. Also be sure that you note the dress code if you want guests to wear certain styles of clothing. Your invitations will be the start of your theme and should set the mood to carry on to the party.

You want to put a lot of effort into choosing your decorations

You can visit a local party store or you can buy them online. You can find a lot of different items like fuzzy dice, over-sized playing cards or almost anything else that you can think of. You can find elegant items or humorous. You can find whatever will suit your theme and your personal taste. Use your imagination and look around to find the decorations that will be perfect for your party.

Putting together an amazing casino buffet

Make sure your casino is somewhere that everyone will want to be by putting together an amazing casino buffet. Go with the buffet style for an authentic look. If you have it catered then have the staff circulate through the party serving drinks just like you would see done at a casino. The best choices in food will be finger foods. You don't want guests to be stuck at a table eating. Serve shrimp cocktail, crab puffs, pigs in a blanket and meatballs. Don't forget to offer an array of great dipping sauces, too. If you really want to jazz up the food then consider adding a chocolate fountain with different food options, like cake chunks, fruit and marshmallows.

Your casino may seem like it is missing something if you don't add in some sound effects. Have you ever been a casino that is quiet? Back up your casino look with the right sounds. Music and sound effects, like the sound of slot machines, will work perfect to really set the mood. Choose sounds that suit the atmosphere that you are trying to create.

To really capture the night make sure to take a lot of pictures. Set out disposable cameras and let guests take shot throughout the nigh You can create an amazing scrapbook to remember the night and even make copies to send to guests with thank you notes for coming to the party and helping make the gamble of life worth it.

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