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Can Women be Faithful?

by mark



I was an OTr driver for about 6 years and I have to agree here. I was married and faithful to my ex, and there are plenty of opportunities to "get it wet" waitress, female drivers, etc. I never once cheated. I got it confirmed out after a year of separation that my ex was sleeping with what I thought was y best friend. While I'm out running across the country providing for her and her kids, she's out running around. I have to agree with the other guy about 'Values'.

I was in the Army and single. I'd get off post and run into a woman in a bar that was looking for a one night stand. You'd look at the ring finger and see a tan line and automatically know that her husband is either deployed or in the field on maneuvers. I never could bring myself to sleep with another soldier’s wife, it just didn't seem right.

Yes it's a feel good society this day and age, and loyalty seems to be something from a day gone by. I've been in 3 bad marriages and dedicate myself to the woman wholeheartedly and get trampled on in the end. Am I bitter? Jaded? Scorned? Not if I want to function with society. Why do I keep doing it? Maybe the next one will treat me right. Wishful thinking on my part.

But this also goes both ways. If a person think that they can get away with it they are going to try it. It's like no one has a conscience anymore or have the ability to control one self.

I don't know I was raise with old fashion values. Which used to be a good quality, but now seems to be a liability?

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