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Brodie is my best friend forever and a true treasure

by Steve
(Columbus, OH, USA)

I have all kinds of problems and extremely bad depression and so I get down a lot. My feelings can be very crippling for myself and everyone around me. I could be alone all the time and I don't know why anyone would want to be around me sometimes. But I am lucky to have a friend like Brodie who is always willing to listen to me and hang around with me so I don't feel too bad. He takes me to the park often for walks and out for coffee and to museums and everywhere.

He helped me stick to my job when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore. He even helped me make it through college even though we went to schools in other states far apart from each other. He would spent time on the phone with me when he could have been studying. Whenever he couldn't reach me he could go as far as contacting my roommate which proved to me how caring and respectful he was. I think he cares about me more than himself. That's a rare quality in people.

Brodie has many qualities that make him indispensable as a friend. He is extremely trust-worthy as you can probably figure out, he's genuine and caring and faithful and honest, as I've already said, but he is also fun. He makes me forget about how sad I am all the time when we're together. He's a good teacher. I've learned so much from him in dealing with myself and he's showed me a few tricks with the girls, too! Most importantly of all, though, Brodie really believes in people, and I know this because he believes in me. Like I said, I'd never be able to get through school or keep at my job without him. And if I wasn't working, who knows where I'd be.

Brodie is an honest and faithful and extremely supportive friend who has always been there for me. I don't think I am as good to him as he is to me, but I hope I am. I know I am truly lucky to have someone like him who overextends himself for me in my life.

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