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Bringing the Barbecue to the Birthday Party

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Let's face it, adults need to celebrate their birthdays also. Birthdays are the celebration of a person's life and and now that it's been a blessing that you have one more year added to your age, is that not a reason to rejoice and celebrate?

Of course, it does make sense that adults want something a little more than cake and ice cream or a childhood fantasy theme now that you are about to celebrate their birthdays. This does not indicate that the adults have forgotten all those fantasies but then, how about appreciating once age by holding a barbecue themed birthday party!

cowboy themed barbecue

You can have a cowboy theme when it comes to the birthday barbecue party and have a hoopla and make the others gleam with pride. You can choose Texas ribs, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and don't forget the country music for everyone to enjoy. Of course, everyone needs to be wearing cowboy boots, and have the gingham table clothing for this celebration, and it will make a very fun and friendly party. Make sure you bring all the fixin's when it comes to the party or ask your guests to bring a side dish, for a true southern tradition. This is the perfect party for those with large families looking for a way to celebrate their lives.

Caribbean themed barbecue

If the cowboy celebration isn't quite what you had in mine, there is always a Caribbean barbecue you might consider. Jimmy Buffett would be awfully proud of this party! In fact, setting up some of his music is a great way in which to set a Caribbean tone, plus there are many other artists you can use as well. The Caribbean Jerk is a terrific sauce or rub for fish or chicken and then you can just throw it on the grill to make it in the Caribbean traditional way for your guests to enjoy.

Redneck themed barbecue

In addition, you could go the funny route for the big birthday bash and do a redneck birthday barbecue. Make sure you have plenty of cheap paper plates, plastic furnishings, and a metal tub filled with ice and cola. Don't forget the plastic knives and folk, which of course, it the Sunday best! You will want to have food such as pigs in the blanket, fried chicken, gumbo, and potato salad. This can be a very fun celebration for everyone as they get into the festivities and act the part of a true redneck, it definitely a party that will be remembered with lots of laughter.

Luau themed barbecue

A very favorite birthday barbecues is the Luau. You know, there is just something about Hawaiians that know how to do barbecues and do it right. When you are decorating, you should use island colors that are tropical. Make sure to use coconut cups for drinks and have lots of Spam (they lot it in Hawaii). Make sure you have a lot of leis for everyone and don't forget the grass skirts, and then have very loud colors of Hawaiian shirts. Have a shirt contests, with the loudest colors being the winner.

Family themed barbecue

Finally, a birthday barbecue with your family and friends together celebrating your day, is the perfect way to enjoy your day. When you are a bit confused on how to celebrate your adult friend's birthday, try one of these barbecue ideas on for size and then put your own unique spin on it.

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